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Graffiti Clothing are a young vibrant brand with a number of really exciting designs. If you check out their cool site, you will discover a no nonsense site that is all about the designs This is what makes Graffiti Clothing a brand to watch out for in 2012 and beyond.
Geek Shirts HQ welcomes Graffiti Shirts.
I heard that the owner of Graffifi Clothing, "Aaron Speed", was an understudy to Zoolander during one of his modeling shoots.  He had that 'look' but once those looks faded he turned to t shirt design 🙂 Now we all know what a smart move that was!
When he is not designing, he can be seen walking up and down his personal catwalk at his spacious 45 room mansion. He can gets most of his inspiration for his designs living it large as a rich playboy. He finds that creatively reaches another level. I find watching X Factor has the same effect on me!
Aaron can you put down those lovely ladies we have an interview to finish.
Who are the people behind Graffiti clothing? Can you start by giving some background about yourself? Where you are from? Who creates the designs? How did you get into shirt design?
Graffiti consists of pretty much just me. I have my sisters, who help out and hopefully their roles will increase in the next few months, but I have a team of supporters and friends who are #TeamGraffiti.
I’m Aaron Speed and no that’s not a made up name. I moved out as soon as I hit 18 and I’ve been all over the UK since, but mainly I lived in Glasgow and London.
I’ve turned down places at some pretty cutting edge art schools, I don’t believe in degrees for art, the piece of paper that counts is the one with drawings on, not stamped BA(Hons).
I’ve always been a men’s designer, so it was a natural progression into t-shirt design. I’m the only designer for Graffiti, but I consult with a few others on colour choices exct.
What process do you follow when designing a shirt?
I have no set process; it would probably inhibit me if I did. I’ve never been somebody who responds well to rigid set rules. I’m not precious about my drawings like some artists are, so I tend to take a lot of risks that others won’t always do, sometimes you lose stuff and it ends up crap, but more often than not you’ll create something magic, and that’s worth the risk.
Where did you get the name Graffiti Clothing?
Since I was about 14, id been known on the internet as “Urban Warrior” and whilst going through my back catalogue of work I found a logo design from around that time that had essentially been traced from a graffiti covered desk at school, that’s what gave me the idea.
Can you tell me more about the brand Graffiti Clothing?
The brand will be getting stronger in this next year, but we are quieter that most, you won’t see labels, or “Graffiti Clothing” written on any of my clothes. The strength of the design is more important than the name. Were not bench or Pauls Boutique.
What makes Graffiti clothing different from other Apparel Vendors? What is your USP?
That the designs come first, and that we are not afraid to speak our minds. Holding our tongues? I don’t think so
What’s coming next for Graffiti?
Big changes. If I get my way, we are changing the whole process of how we print.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years both for yourselves and your business?
Kicking ass.
When getting your apparel printed what is the process that you prefer?
Right now it’s a heat process with plotter cut shapes done by machine, in a few months time the clothing will all be hand printed with screen prints and our prices are going to half.
What brands of apparel do you prefer to print on?
Right now, we use Skinny Fit SF t-shirts; they are comfortable and fit really well.
What would a customer expect when ordering a product from yourselves?
Fast delivery and kick ass clothing.
Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
I should probably shout out to my friend’s @MichaMontaz and @dj_devine but that would probably over inflate their egos.
Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you
Our clothing is available exclusively from our website
And anybody can get in touch with any requests at
And you can find us on Facebook