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What would you get if you crossed a western with science fiction?
Firefly, one of the best TV shows to ever grace the small screen and the excellent Serenity, one of the best Science Fiction films to grace the big screen. Well in my humble opinion!
What would you get if you crossed an Australian with a western and science fiction?
A great new t shirt design based on Firefly from geek chic tees
What would you get if you crossed an Australian, a western, science fiction with Geek Shirts HQ?
Here is a fantastic tee inspired by Firefly designed by geekchic tees. Launching today on Geek Shirts HQ and "a chance to win the cool T-Shirt", just check at the bottom of this review.
It was a sometime ago a fresh faced designer, was interviewed on Geek Shirts HQ, I ended the interview with the following question
One last question, any chance of you designing a Firefly shirt, as I am a massive fan? Description: icon smile T Shirt Designer Geek Chic Interview On Geek Shirts HQ Designers Unlocked
Totally ! I’ll add it to my list (I kinda need to watch firefly first … he he).
Now since that interview that very same fresh faced t shirt designer from down under has gone on to bigger and better things. Not because he was featured on Geek Shirts HQ. Nooo! It was simply because he watched Firefly which inspired him to design this great t shirt
Now Geek Shirts HQ has proudly announce the sequel to You Can’t Take The Sky.
Let me get Geekchic tees to tell you more
“This design is a follow up to "You Can't Take the Sky" which has been very well received by Browncoats all over the world. I've had many people ask for a design using Hoban Washburne's great quote "I'm a leaf on the wind' – and here it is.
It's very much a sequel tee to the first using a similar style, typography and colouring. There's bound to be a Browncoat version following soon using shades of brown instead of blues. So keep a look out on Facebook for that one!”
Its not often I think a sequel is better than the original but I really do like this cool new tee, the lettering looks great as it does in the first t shirt design, but the added touch of Serenity with the vapour trails from the rockets, really does make this t shirt a must for anyone not just Firefly fans.
Thanks again for a great tee
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Win A Tee Contest
Here is your chance to win one of these fantastic I'm A Leaf On The Wind T-Shirts. And even better,  it is very simply to enter. It is as easy as 123
  1. Head on over to Geekchic tees Facebook page.
  2. Simply LIKE the page
  3. Check for his posting on the contest and like, comment or share. or do all three!
Sit back and wait to win this cool t shirt!
Unfortunately I can't enter the contest as I REALLY want to win this t shirt, but there is nothing stopping you so check out the cool contest now!
Closing Date: 5th August