What I really love about writing for Geek Shirts HQ, is learning about the fantastic designs that are created and how they are created. Today we have a special feature Nick AKA Firepower.
Nick has already been featured before at GSHQ, launching his a new shirt as part of shirt of the week. He will also be part of the designers unlocked series and his interview will be published very shortly.
Check out this excellent design and sit back and enjoy while Nick explains how he came up with the design himself,
Over to you Nick and please don't tell his wife about his crush on Leia!
I really love Pinup work from the 50's etc. and I just thought it would be fun to do a few of them. I also had the idea that male geeks the world over love Star Wars and women and would love a more revealing version of those two coming together! Including myself.
So to start it off I had to do Leia, and as you can see I resisted doing a version of Slave Leia.
I'm pretty comfortable with the female form from having drawn comics, taken plenty of life drawing classes in my time, and even doing some fashion illustration for my wife at fashion school years ago.
Selecting a stance that is sort of a bit cheeky but not crude was the key to keep it in the vein of pinup.
Here's the lines outlay, done straight in Photoshop and a little illustrator
Now I've dredged around on the internet and found some reference to her light-saber, which is never seen in any film of course. An imperial blaster rifle is easy to come by, I add that in.
I went and got a pattern I found on the net and made it a layer on the piece, and then I cut around its shape to form the lace of her underwear. I've added grey background here so you can see what I mean.
Under that layer I added some darker tones than will be going on the top layer to add shading and contrast.
Here's the same piece with the background gone in full. I go to work filling in the rest of the colour in the piece. I think this is in fact further along than just colour blocking but there's still some areas yet to be done, the blade hilt for example.
Then is colour detail, including her blade. I seem to remember from the research that her blade colour is up for question, I think I made it a sort of pinkish red a bit like Mace's but less purple. It matches the colour of her nails here, but no one will ever see that.
Then I add the final touches. I get the rebel symbol in the picture as a backdrop and to have something to put the type in front of. The font itself I wanted to remind me of a 50's style but not scream of that.

I also add the reflection at the bottom. I want to suggest she's on some polished be spin floor or something like that.
I don't want to take away one of the only powerful women characters in the original trilogy, but I think she has some humour about her and she's certainly armed to the teeth that I don't think anyone will assume she's an air head to be pushed over!
The reflection is actually and update in this version. It was graduated grey in the last and this just works better I think.
So I think it's an ok tip of the hat to pinup pieces. I hope to do more of them.

Thanks again for a great overview of your new tee!
If you want to get hold of this great tee, check it out here and you can also check out the rest of Nick's great designs here as well.
Nick aka Firepower will be featured next week in the Designer Unlocked series!