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This week we have a designer making his debut here at Geek Shirts HQ, whom I only came across last week!!

I am talking about Ed Evans also known as CultSixZeroSix.


Heart Skull Tree T-Shirt

by CultSixZeroSix
 Heart Skull Tree
Let me get Ed to tell you more about his awesome design
I started off developing this design-not as a T-Shirt-but as a Valentine's Day card for my wife!
Fed up of the usual cards in the shops, I decided to put together something that played with our weird sense of humour.
I always start my designs with some quick thumbnails, and then work my way up to a pencil sketch.
At this stage I am less concerned about details and more concerned about how it "feels".
Heart Skull Tree 1
Currently studying Graphic Design at University, I can see how easy it is to get bogged down at the development stage.
As you can see in the preliminary sketches, I wanted a crooked tree with a heart hanging off it. I wanted to have a Tim Burtonesque feel to it, not too gothic, and not too schmaltzy.
The Heart and its characteristics would be the central success of the card.
I looked at how to incorporate a skull into the design of the heart and sketched out basic doodles to achieve this.
Heart Skull Tree 2
 I also worked on the wording as roots (demonstrated in my sketches as a Valentine's Day message).
Heart Skull Tree 3 
I then work on the designs on Photoshop and with a Wacom Tablet, my tool of choice….she is the mistress that takes me away from my wife, but she doesn't mind! I sometimes scan the work in, or just work off an idea-as I did with this design.
I have included the final design for the card, which did not include the roots as I felt it was upsetting the balance of the card.
Heart Skull Tree 4
However, I really liked the idea, and when I started CultSixZeroSix as a brand, I knew it would fit perfectly on a T-Shirt-I would only design a T-Shirt that I would wear myself, and this was one of those designs.
The roots represent the beginning of my journey as a Designer, and the CultSixZeroSix brand. The Skull Heart represents my love of horror and dark art.
The best thing about working in Photoshop is the ability to manipulate images, and so the moon was centred to allow the silhouette of the tree to stand out.
The size of the Skull Heart was increased and the positioning was worked out so that it sat somewhere near the wearer's real heart!
Heart Skull Tree 5 
The tree was re-worked as well to fit its new home.
It is part of a small themed set which can be seen on my Redbubble page.
Heart Skull Tree 6

Available at Redbubble

 I will be increasing my portfolio of original designs very soon so come visit and leave a comment or visit my Facebook page and show some love!!
Thanks Ed for a great write up on a cool design.
I think Ed really has achieved the Tim Burtonesque feel to this design that he was looking for.
A lot of detail has gone into the design and I personally love the look of the heart skull.
Hopefully we will be seeing more of Ed’s designs here at Geek Shirts HQ
Don’t forget to check out this talented designers Facebook page and his Redbubble store.