An effective way to increase the income of game developers and market T-shirts

There are many iconic items that gained fame during the 80s – from Reebok High Tops to Garbage Pail Kids. Of course, not to be forgotten are the arcade games that influenced the following generations.
The Galaxy Game and Computer Space were one of the earliest known arcade games to be released to the public. It was later on followed by the sports arcade game called Pong from Atari Inc. Since then, arcade games rapidly spread across North America, Asia, and Europe – to the point where they became part of each country’s pop culture.
Arcade games have branched out to the clothing retail industry because of its wide market. A perfect example of this is Pac-Man, which became an icon of arcade games during the 80s. The main character of the game was marketed into a wide variety of merchandise including T-shirts. Because of its huge success, other gaming companies have started to expand their business by selling shirts and other merchandise that feature their games. This is an effective way of increasing the income of gaming companies, but it is important to study the market first before pursuing the T-shirt business.
Choosing a game to market is not that easy that’s why some game developers tried to link in famous personalities, classic movies, and old school games to their games because these already have their own cult-followers. CORE Gaming recently launched an Evel Knievel slot game at Betfair Arcade; and this got the legendary stuntman’s fans all excited.
According to the CEO of CORE Gaming, Justin Chamberlain, “We really enjoy creating games around themes that have already amassed a huge fan base. Our job in this instance was to take a dare devil icon and recreate that energy and bravery into a truly thrilling slot game experience for players.” If this game becomes a huge hit, it isn’t surprising if T-shirts of the Evel Knievel slot game will soon be out on the market.
The T-shirt industry, on the other hand, has found a new way to increase their sales – and that is selling iconic arcade game shirts or collaborating with gaming companies in producing T-shirts.
bape-angry-birds T SHIRTS
Early this year, BAPE continues the Angry Birds invasion by creating a new style of T-shirt that features the characters of this popular arcade game app together with their adorable ape mascot. With more than 260 million users monthly, BAPE has hit the jackpot with this new T-shirt deal with Rovio Entertainment.
bape-angry-birds SHIRTS