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This time hailing from Charlotte, NC.
Inner Geek Designs

They call themselves Inner Geek Designs

I caught up with them recently for an interview.
Why did you start Inner Geek Designs?
I started Inner Geek because I and my roommate would always talk about having all these ideas and designs for shirts, posters, and stickers.
We started off with designing posters and stickers.
Money was the main problem of printing shirts and it kept getting sat on the back burner.
We finally decided to stop kidding ourselves and put our actions into motion.
Last year we got our first shirt printed and have not looked back since then.
When did you start?
We have officially been starting to design and sell shirts since 2012, and this spring will be one year.
Where are you based?
We are based out of Charlotte, NC.
Inner Geek Designs h
Where did you get your name for Inner Geek Designs?
We got the name 'Inner Geek Designs' from the idea that everyone of us has an individual inner geek.
In other words that everyone has an inner interest or hobby that makes them an individual.
This is what we try to key on and allow everyone to show their own independent inner geek.
What else can you tell me about Inner Geek Designs?
Inner Geek Designs is trying to change things in the clothing industry.
We want to make sure ANYONE can get our clothing.
We do not have limited shirts, our shirts will always be restocked.
We want everyone to have a chance to own one of our shirts.
Also our prices will always be reasonable and affordable, we want everyone to have a chance to own our products.
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use?
We use screen printing to do our shirts. The shirts that we use are #5930 Fruit of Loom 50/50.
Inner Geek Designs t shirts
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you?
Anyone who orders from us can expect a high quality product and friendly experience as we follow up with ever order we sell.
We pride ourselves on researching the best printers locally and nationally to give our customers the best product we can.
What plans have you got for the future?
Coming this fall our fall 2013 line will be dropping and we are excited for that.
Also we have talk going on about collaborations from other local artists.
In the long run we plan on opening a store front in Charlotte, NC so things can become easier to communicate with our customer’s one on one.
Where can I find out more about Inner Geek Designs?
You can find more about us on our website
Also you can find us on Facebook
Follow us on Twitter
What t shirt designs would you like to tell GSHQ about today?
Right now we only have one shirt available but it is a simple design.
It was our logo is on the front and our name on the back. (See pictures above)