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This week we have been to far flung places, had out of the world experiences, left no stone unturned to bring you the best designs we can find to showcase as a shirt of the week.
Let me ask you a few questions
What would a Dalek if they could not exterminate? 
What if there was no Doctor? 
And why do I have to always ask questions in my introductions?
This week we have an awesome Doctor Who inspired shirt of the week from 604Republic that can answer those questions 

Intoxicate T Shirt

Intoxicate T Shirt
if you have lived under a rock for the last year, who is one of the many time lords who are time locked in the time war, then you would have failed to notice that this year is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who.
Now currently in its eleventh incarnation Doctor Who is proving to be as popular as ever and it's most recognisable nemesis has got to be the The Daleks.
Intoxicate T Shirt 1
We all know the Daleks are tightly focused on exterminating everything but what would they do if they couldn't. 
Looking at this design, they may be spending their days at the Davros Pub, spending their days getting drunk.
What else is a Dalek to do?
Intoxicate T Shirt 2 
A fantastic piece of artwork, I personally love the intricate line work on the dark tee, makes the design look a lot more simple than it actually is.giving the impression of a hand drawn doodle.
it is only when you take a closer look at the design that you can really appreciate  the work that has gone into the design.
And I like  intoxicate lettering underneath the design.
Intoxicate T Shirt 3
The t shirt itself is 100% super soft cotton.
The tee design is screen printed and the tee is also tag less.
It is pre shrunk so won't  only fit a dwarf after being washed.
It has double needle hem and sleeves.
Intoxicate T Shirt 4

This excellent tee can be our purchased over at 604Republic 


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Intoxicate T Shirt

Intoxicate T Shirt 5

Available at 604Republic