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New From Redbubble

Choose Your Fellowship  T-Shirt

by The Hook Shot
Choose Your Fellowship  T-Shirts

Gym Douche  T-Shirt

by PaddyPA
Gym Douche  T-Shirt

New At Stylin Online

Stylin Online has a cool new range of Iron Man 3 t shirts

Iron Man 3 Soaring T-Shirt

Iron Man 3 Mark XLII Soaring T Shirt

Iron Man 3 Simple Team T-Shirt

Iron Man 3 Simple Team T Shirt Sheer

New From Design By Humans

Long Way Home T-Shirt

Designed by Kharmazero a DBH collective designer from France

Intergalactic Pest Control T-Shirt

Designed by Bortwein, a designer from the United States

New Hoodie From Critically Acclaimed Clothing

Critically Acclaimed Clothing has release a couple of new hoodies in their new Spring/Summer collection.
The new hoodies look great and are a little different from a lot of the hoodies that you see on line.

Rose Winter Pullover Hoodie

Rose WInter Pullover Hoodie

Mayamada New Release

Mayamada, a cool anime inspired brand was featured a few weeks ago here at Geek Shirts HQ and you can check out their interview here.
They have just released their first printed title Samurai Chef
It’s the first time that I have featured a printed title here at GSHQ and judging by what I have seen of the previews so far, the artwork looking pretty awesome.

Samurai Chef Volume 1

Samurai Chef Volume 1

Geek Shirts HQ And Mayamada Contest

Mayamada has kindly agreed to a contest to give away a copy of their new printed Samurai Chef and also there will be three runner up prizes of 25% off vouchers for the Samurai Chef book.

Everyone is welcome to "Enter" our contest to win the Samurai Chef book and the vouchers  

How To Enter  

Head on over to Twitter and simply retweet the following tweet that will be running all week from Thursday 23nd May 9:00am GMT until Thursdayy 30th May 9:00am GMT
Follow & RT @GeekShirtsHQ 4 a chance 2 Win Samurai Chef book fr @mayamada & 3 25% OFF Vouchers #GSHQSamurai http://tinyurl.com/ow2lyc4
You can enter as many times as you like, The winner will be picked out at random after the closing date. 
Do I need to follow @GeekShirtsHQ and on Twitter to be entered in the competition? 
Yes you need to follow @GeekShirtsHQ and to be eligible for the giveaway.
We will be announcing our winners and fulfilling the prizes via  Twitter  and so following us will be very helpful should you be selected as the prize winner

How Will You Contact The Winner? 

We will announce the winner via GSHQ Twitter.
We will also attempt to contact each winner directly via Twitter.
If we do not receive a response from a winner after a period of five business days or if for any reason we are unable to arrange the details of fulfilment with a winner, we will select a new winner and begin the process again. 

Geek Shirts HQ News

Lots to tell you about today. There are two cool new brand alerts:
 I have an interview and a hands on tee review from Optic Apparel
Horizon Watches sent me over their cool tee design for a hands on tee review and you can check it out here.

Geek Shirts HQ Store

I spoke about the Geek Definition tee earlier, so support Bullies Out and get your Geek Definition t shirt today.
 Haters Gonna Hate T Shirt And Vintage Eyewear Tees

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