Welcome welcome to everyone who has a sneaky interest in t shirts. This is the designer unlocked interview series where we showcase talented designers and their work.

This week we a designer with an unusual name, Jango Snow, this is of course not his real name, I could tell you his real name but I would have to bore you to death with episodes of Falcon Crest!

Jango Snow t shirts

Jango Snow h


His real identity had to be kept secret, in case of reprisals from the the fashion police!! You know those people who take their fashion a bit too seriously. As more and more fashion victims are turning to Jango’s awesome designs.

Jango so what if he likes only Armani, put him down and let’s finish the interview.


Can you start by giving some background about yourself? Where you are from? What is your background? How did you get into design?

I’m a native of Los Angeles, California. I’ve been drawing since I was 5 but became more serious about art in college. I currently freelance as an art director for the entertainment industry.

Where did you get the name Jango Snow or is that your real name?

Jango Snow is my pseudonym derived from Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and the letters of my legal name.

Street Punchies T-Shirt

Street Punchies T-Shirt

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Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?

I’m inspired by all things that make me geek out!

How would you describe your design style?

I would say my current style is moving towards a more “loose” graphic design & illustration aesthetic.

When you create a new T-shirt design, what is sort of process do you follow?

Every design starts with an idea that moves from a thought to a sketch before it becomes tightened up further. Sometimes I experiment and it can be weeks before I make another move, other times I’m very inspired and the process goes to digital mode quickly.

Hammer Brothers T-Shirt

Hammer Brothers T-Shirt

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Looking at your own portfolio what is your favourite design and why?

I still like my Airship in a Bottle design inspired by Final Fantasy because while it looks cute, it’s almost literally my childhood “captured” as if I don’t want to forget it. I loved RPGs growing up, so the memory of exploring a vast fun world in an airship is very nostalgic and dear to me.

Are there any designs that you would like to highlight?

I’m kind of proud of my Regular Show Let’s Play Punchies!!, Hammer Brothers, and TMNT Brotherhood designs. Most recently though, my pieces “R.O.B.’s Revenge” and “Lost & Found”, which I put a lot of myself into, are headed to Berlin for the We Love 8Bit art show.

The Brotherhood T-Shirt

The Brotherhood T-Shirt

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What current projects are you working on now? And can we get an exclusive peek?

I post regular sneak peeks on my Facebook page and Instagram account but here’s an exclusive early process shot of my next piece involving a certain karting franchise…


Lightning Cup Nights The Fast and the Fungus T-Shirts
And here is the finished design

Lightning Cup Nights The Fast and the Fungus T-Shirt Lightning Cup Nights The Fast and the Fungus T-Shirt

Available at Redbubble

Who are your favourite designers?

A few artists I like are Mike Mitchell, Olly Moss, Sam Spratt, Keith Rein, Teeketch, and Pinteezy to name a few.

When marketing your designs how much focus and importance do you place on social media sites?

Social media is pretty important to build a following but it’s harmful to let it take over too much of your day.

A lot of designers use sites like Redbubble and café press to market and sell their designs. Have you thought about setting up your own store?

I have a RedBubble and a Society6 store set up currently.

Q*bism T-Shirt

Qbism T-Shirt

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Do you try to convey any message in your designs?

The one thing I try to achieve in my designs is a sense of fun, and often nostalgia. Anything deeper is unintentional, usually. I don’t really let politics get into my art.
13. 10, 20, 30 years, I’m going to be geekin’ out and making art forever! Seriously though, it’s hard to say. Maybe form my own design agency? Maybe I’ll be doing fine art? I like to keep my options open.

What do you prefer designing for, something wearable or a print?

Both. Each has their own purpose & reward.

What other interests and hobbies do you have when you’re not designing?

Martial arts because it’s fun, practical, and fascinating to me. I’m a big fan of comedy, be it as stand-up, tv series, films, etc. Also, I’m currently addicted to Plants vs Zombies 2!

The Harboiled Professor T-Shirt

The Harboiled Professor T-Shirt

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Do you have any advice for budding designers?

Artists starting out must pay their dues but should remember to always hone your personal vision, style, and approach to design. You may not always have the luxury to do that on a daily basis, but don’t let it slip over time or you’ll probably find yourself not enjoying being an artist for long.

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

My Momma! She doesn’t care if my designs suck or rock!

Breaking Bit T-Shirt

Breaking Bit T-Shirt

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Who would win in a fight between superman and batman?

Leave me out of this debate! I do find Batman to be way more intriguing though.

If travelling through time, which would you prefer TARDIS or Deloreon?

Been a life-long fan of the DeLorean. It’s just sexier.

Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you?

Find links to my designs and contact me at facebook