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Lots of news to tell you about today
The latest design from T Shirt Hell.
Three new designs from Snorg Tees
Threadless contest winners.
New designs from La Fraise

New From T Shirt Hell

After a few lacklustre releases so last few weeks, T Shirt Hell have turned up their level of offensiveness with their newest offering.

Proud Parent T Shirt

Proud Parent T Shirt

New From Snorg Tees

Here are three new releases from Snorg Tees, none of them really impress, I think a bit of an average week for Snorg Tees.

Do Not Read The Next Sentence T Shirt

Do Not Read The Next Sentence T Shirt

Jurassic Parks And Recreation T Shirt

Jurassic Parks And Recreation T Shirt

Do You Have 11 Protons? T Shirt

Do You Have 11 Protons T Shirt

Threadless Contest Winners

Threadless recently announced the winners in the Hulk and Fantastic Four contest.
The winner of the Hulk design contest was Ralph Pikee with his Indestructible design that was modelled in the style of a comic book cover.

Indestructible T Shirt 

Indestructible T Shirt


The winner of the Fantastic Four design contest was Adam Jhesu Rufino Nakamura with this cool design.

Meanwhile On…..T Shirt 

Meanwhile On t shirts

New From La Fraise

Pet Pocket T Shirt 

Pet Pocket T Shirt

Never Forget T Shirt 

Never Forget - t-shirt

Geek Shirts HQ News

Here are a few gems from the archives here at GSHQ. 

A hugely entertaining interview from Steve Gelenter at Cod Designs.
Stephen O Blenis  AKA Warbucks Design in GSHQ very first interview 

The most popular t shirts lists 


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