Welcome to the latest Geek Shirts HQ Brand Undressed Interview.

This week we have one of Europe’s premier t shirt sites.
It is currently Europe’s biggest design competition and is home to some of Europe’s premier t shirt designers.

I am talking about laFraise.

La Fraise TEE

Nathelie from lafraise was kind enough to agree to an interview with Geek Shirts HQ
I have personally been a fan of laFraise for a long time and first came across them on another blog that I used to write for, it was the PAC moon design that first caught my attention and introduced me to laFraise.

Pac Moon T Shirt

By  Georgeslemercennaire 
Pac Moon T Shirt

Available at laFraise


So it is a personal pleasure of mine to welcome laFraise

…..The latest brand to get undressed.
La Fraise T SHIRTS
Who are the people behind laFraise? Can you start by giving some background about yourself? Where you are from? Who creates the designs? How did you get into shirt design?
Michael – Boss and business developer.
Thomas – Moderates the gallery, makes the shirt release plan and check the designer files and makes print tests + some other administration and internal stuff.
Jenny – does online marketing and takes care of all SEM / affiliate activities.
Katinka – is our SEO and content manager for the newsletter and the website.
Nathalie (me) – does community management, external communication/PR, writes articles on blog and manage partnerships.
Nathalie (number 2) – is our graphic designer who will come back early April after a year of maternity leave. Her replacement is Susanne.
Susanne (the number 2) – works at our service and manager customer’s service
Where did you get the name laFraise?
laFraise was created in 2004 by Patrice Cassard and sold to Spreadshirt in 2006. Unfortunately I cannot answer this question.

The Incredible Supa Geek T-Shirt

By MrWayne
The Incredible Supa Geek T-Shirt

Available at laFraise

Can you tell me more the brand laFraise?
laFraise has existed for almost 10 years and is the biggest European ongoing graphic design competition.
laFraise prints winning designs on shirts, hoodies and now on tote bags.
We are a graphic design community for graphic and shirt lovers but anyone who wants to have quality and original designs should check laFraise out.
What makes laFraise different from other Apparel Vendors? What is your USP?
We have an extreme and fast customer service and we offer unique designs. Before the USP was”laFraise, éditeur de bien jolis t-shirts” but we more or less put it aside.

Dead Man Walkman T-Shirt

By Letter_Q
Dead Man Walkman T-Shirt

Available at laFraise

How does a t shirt designer get their design featured on your site? Can you give more info about the design contest feature?
First of all, I would like to say that entering our graphic design competition is not an easy way as the graphic design level is high. It is open to every designer with experience and skills and from wherever in the world.
A graphic designer submits his/her design, then we accept it or not. When it is accepted, the design is available for votes and comments for a time of 7 days.
During this time our buyers make notes and comment – eventually -. Then the laFraise team meets up once a week and decides (more or less in accordance to the community’s vote) which designs will be printed on our shirts.
I say that we more or less choose in accordance with the community’s choice because we have to make a final and commercial decision.
If the design is printed at laFraise, we send an exclusive agreement with the designer and then we put them on sales in the shop.
Are all the designs sold on your site limited editions of 500?
In the past, we have done limited edition only. Since last year, all shirts are NOT limited editions.
What’s coming next for laFraise?
Well we are going to make a new version of the website with some big changes but unfortunately, at this stage of the project, I cannot tell more about it. But if everything is working as planned, we should announce the new changes before the summer. So stay tuned!

Killing Jaw T-Shirt

By Georgeslemercennaire
Killing Jaw T-Shirt

Available at laFraise

Where do you see yourself in 10 years both for yourselves and your business?
As for the business it is not mine in particular so I just hope that laFraise will still exists and the community has grown, so that I can still make a job I love!
As for me, well maybe I will still be in Berlin with my boyfriend and our son but well, 10 years is a long time and I haven’t planned anymore.
For me it doesn’t make sense anymore since I can have some expectations now, but these expectations will change in a few years.
Maybe I will be living in an island and just go fishing! … You never know! So I just want to see me happy in anyplace and with my beloved friends and family.
How much importance do you place on Facebook Twitter and similar sites when marketing your brand?
Social networks are very important nowadays but it is still a big deal for companies. Companies struggle internally because some of them don’t see these benefits of it or because the ROI is difficult to plan.
That is the problem with communication in general, it is something hard to quantify.  But I would say as well that companies that are not social should not be on social networks!
I spend about 10 hours per week on social networks, principally on FB, Twitter and Pinterest and I do not spend more time because it is not my main task only.
But when I hear some companies wondering about a strategy, that they are not willing to spend time on social networks and interact with people, I am wondering what they are expecting then. I think that a lot of companies/people still do not get it and before we can make money on it, I think these are great promotion tools for a brand awareness and customer service.
With time maybe it will be much profitable. Of course it always depends on the investment and quickly this can be returned, is important but when you reach more people through these channels, one day or another it will bring you money back.
We have to be patient and working with social networks is like SEO, it is natural search and you do not come up with great SEO results in 2 months time, it’s a long way to the top and is an every day’s struggle. For me every promo tool has to be considered and analyzed.

Top Secret T-Shirt

By _S3_
Top Secret T-Shirt

Available at laFraise

When getting your apparel printed what is the process that you prefer?
Well for me, as I take care of communication and promotions, it is at the time of the release, when you speak about your products.
But I like when we announce the results of a selection when the community discover which design will be printed and see the winner’s reaction, especially when it is his/her first print at laFraise ! And this makes me happy to see them happy.
What brands of apparel do you prefer to print on?
We print on AA shirts and spreadshirt shirts as well.
What would a customer expect when ordering a product from you?
Our customers expect first a great design on their shirt with a high print quality. And of course our service is here for assistance and any questions about the graphic design competition, our shirts or for any problem on an order.

Carpe Diem T-Shirt

By Anthinggoes
Carpe Diem T-Shirt

Available at laFraise

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
Yes I want to say Jack Black that I would love that he wears our shirts because we have funny shirts for a funny guy and he would love them!
Who are your favourite designers and/or brands?
As for laFraise, I have favorite designs but these are not the only ones I am wearing. Then I would say that I do not make any preference between them even if I do not wear their designs, that don’t mean I do not like them.
To name a few, I like Vinsse, MrWayne, Georgeslemercenaire, TonyCenteno, eown, TeddyTMoissan, Naolito, Queenmob, Malo_And_The_Whale, Graetz, Pandaluna, Pasquéoz, Randyotter, Tokyocandies, Mayablabla, Anythinggoes, conker, Radiomode, FrigoBanjo, monry, Zafeu, Massala.k ….
As for clothing brands, I like laFraise, H&M, New Yorker, Mango, Adidas, who killed Bambi: they have amazing cool jackets and any other brand where I find cool stuff. I do not stick to a brand in particular.
As for shoes, I am a big fan of converse but my budget doesn’t allow me to buy them all, but this is for sneakers. For more feminine shoes, I do not have any special brand or I am a fan of Italian shoes but some are very much expensive. I appreciate Christian Louboutin who creates great shoes but they are too expensive for my budget.
As I come from Paris, I have interest a fashion and haute couture even though I am not a fashionata and cannot spend an entire budget on it unfortunately. I like Chanel, she was the best and I am a fan of the lady but as well a fan of the clothing line! I also like the eccentricity of Vivien Westwood, the madness of Paul Gaultier, Issey Miyake, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino and Yves St Laurent.
For perfume, I am addicted to Chanel5 and even if I wear another perfume to alternate, Chanel is the one and I couldn’t live without.

À la recherche du temps perdu T-shirt

by Malo_And_The_Whale
À la recherche du temps perdu T-shirt

Available at laFraise

Who are your influences?
Life is my biggest influence in general.
Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you
 The best place to buy our shirts if of course our shop laFraise.com
You can contact me through email Nathalie.tachet@lafraise.com but also on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter and some other networks. Google my name and you’ll see
Any new products in the pipeline for La Fraise?
Yep we have new releases to come in March and then I have to wait for our new shirt release from Thomas.  Check out the link here and see according to dates.
Apart that we have launched our tote bags recently and more designs will be added on a regular basis.  You can check every two weeks our new special theme contest and more to come this year! The next special theme contest will be about Japan (check it out here)