Loads of News Today in The Geek Shirts HQ News Digest:
What is New at Redbubble?
New From Theadless
Limited Edition Tee From Design By Humans
Another cool limited edition t shirt from Design By Humans
New From T Shirt Laundry This Week
T Shirt Laundry have not been featured for a while but here is a couple of their new tee releases.
Daily T Shirt Alerts
Welcome to our daily alert service where we try and give you the best designs from the daily t shirt sites. 
Here is a cool design from Zort 70
All proceeds that the artist normally receives will be going to the Cancer get lost charity
Apollo Bar 
It is a Sons of Anarchy/Metal Gear Solid design featuring Solid Snake from the game.
It is a cowboy bebop crest featuring Spike's ship the Swordfish II.
Venus Fallen New  Release
Here is the second collaboration between Venus Fallen and Periphery
"Concept based on a virtual arcade fighter inside of a human simulation; explores the concept that humanity could be a simulation built for a science fair project in an alternate universe"
And if you have not seen their first collaboration it is here
Geek Shirts HQ News
Have you check out the latest new brand alert from AZAD. A cool new brand with an exclusive 15% discount.
Geek Shirts HQ 50 Shades Of Grey T shirt list has been updated to include even more t shirts
An exclusive discount for all readers of Geek Shirts HQ. Get a massive 20% discount on the cool Batman tee below from 8Ball. 
DC T Shirt Batman DK Stencil Mens tee shirts DeadPool T Shirt, Transformers Tee and Batman Wham Shirt
Coupon Code: GEEK20
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