Fifty Shades Of Grey. Have you heard of it?
Well I had not until about three months ago. Now it seems that every woman in my office is reading it!
What is it?
It is a book, an erotic novel written by a British author called E.L. James. It seem E.L. James have started to get the women of the world, a bit hot. By all accounts, this novel has become a bestseller all over the world. It is now surpassing the last great literary hit Harry Potter, in its sales.
50 Shades of Grey has, I have been expertly told by a number of women has highly explicit erotic scenes. It features sexual practices, such as bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism. So it’s just a normal Saturday night out. 🙂
And before you think this is a flash in the pan, it is only part one in a trilogy. Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed are the other two books in this series.
Fifty shades of grey were borne out of fan fiction, which was written in episode format on fan fiction websites. It was based on the Twilight novels but I can't see what this trilogy has to do with the Twilight novels, but I have not read the book…. yet!
The fan fiction was called Master of the Universe and was split into the 3 parts of the trilogy.
Due to budgeting constraints by the publishers, the books relied on word of mouth marketing and blogs reporting on the book.
It is interesting that it is now held up as an example of successful viral marketing online.
The plot itself is based in Seattle and revolves around Anastasia "Ana" Steele, a college senior who is ends up meeting a wealthy young entrepreneur Christian Grey. There is an instant attraction between the two. Blah Blah Blah Blah, well you didn't really come to Geek Shirts HQ for a book report.
What the Grey Trilogy has done like anything that is successful. A massive industry of spins off has been born, including of course T shirts, so this is my take on the Grey franchise from a t shirt perspective.
What you are going to see are the best 50 Shades of Grey T shirts that I could find. These well include Fifty Shades Darker t shirts and Fifty Shades Freed t shirts.
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