London Beefeaters Super Soft Cool T-Shirt

It was not too long ago when I interviewed Gavin Spittle from Awesome Sports Logos. I was bowled over with Gavin's enthusiasm for his brand. 
When he mentioned he was going to send me a tee, I had the largest cheesy grin and he let me choose the tee. So being British I had to choose his London Beefeaters Tee, one of my favourites from his collection.
If you take a look at the picture below, the website page for London Beefeaters Tee, you can see each logo along the top with a little write up about each design and a map of where that particular design is based.
You probably wont be able to see properly from the screen shot below, there is a model actually wearing the tee.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 1.
I received the tee not long after, which when it is crossing continents, I thought was a speedy delivery
The t shirt arrived in a standard mailer, which kept it protected during its long journey.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 2
I took out the t shirt and inside I found the t shirt neatly folded. Packaged inside a clear plastic bag.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 3
As you can see, Awesome Sports Logo has left the original Alternative Apparel tag, which is quite small but I would rather see it tag less or a custom tag.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 4
There was this cool hang tag that was tied to the tee when I received it. I liked it, gave the brand that extra coolness! If you know what I mean! 🙂
The Front of the tag shows the logo and website.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 5
The back of the tag has lots of information about the t shirt and Beefeaters.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 6
After I quick iron I gave the tee another look. I liked the colour of the tee and I really liked the London Beefeater design, I asked Gavin for more information about this design 
British Beefeaters T-shirts 7

From Gavin Spittle over at Awesome Sports Logo

London and England are very close to my heart. My mother is from Northern England and when I was younger, I spent several weeks visiting my relatives in the London area as well as the Bolton area. This logo came from several childhood memories.
1)I have always been fascinated with the Beefeaters and I remember as a kid looking at them at the Tower of London. I actually had a snoopy doll growing up dressed as a Beefeater.
2) My uncle took me to Lord's Cricket ground as a child and I remember watching it on TV in England as they played Australia. That was the big rivalry when I visited. I also bought a cricket ball and bat and brought it back to Massachusetts where I taught my friends how to play.
The actual design comes from my memory of the Beefeater I remember staring at. I added a nice mean look because who wants a sports logo that is smiling?
I felt as though the cross between the cricket bat and the ax showed the history of the Beefeaters guarding the Crown Jewels as well as signifying the sport that I grew to love.
–  Gavin, Awesome Sports Logo
The t shirt is printed using a high quality screen printing process.  As you can see, the design looks great and the printers have done well to reproduce the design effectively on the tee.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 8
Here is a close up look at part of the design as you can see the print looks really sharp with no blurry edges which could indicate a poor quality print.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 9
In the bottom right corner there is the brand logo, which I think adds another level of professionalism to the whole brand.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 10


I really liked the tee shirt that I was sent.  Awesome Sports Logos have a unique niche in a crowded field with the many t shirt brands that you can find on the Internet.
The tee shirts is very comfortable to wear and fitted well as you can see.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 11
The brand of the tee is Alternative Apparel. I was familiar with Alternative Apparel but never actually owned any of this particular brand of tee.
The tee was very soft next to the skin and it made from a light weight cotton as the fabric of the tee was very thin, ideal for those hot Summer days.
At the time of writing this, has been washed a few time and as you can see, the tee looks like it has stood up very well after a few rounds with my washing machine.
British Beefeaters T-shirts 12
Overall, I loved the tee. I was sent the tee in the burgundy color which I loved and thought the design looked really cool on the burgundy color.
I thought the tee was packaged very well in its clear packaging.
And I loved the high quality tee that the tee was printed on.
The hang tag gave the brand a professional look along with the logo in the bottom right corner.
The fit was really good as you can see on the cool model above 🙂
I would have liked to see tee being tag less or have a custom tag, this would have given the tee a finishing touch and coupled with the hang tag, pushed the brand further up the professional scale towards some of the bigger brands.
The website was well designed with actual pictures of models wearing the tee and I really liked the way the product pages were represented.
But what I really liked is the navigation system at the top where each design which are represented by a small icons. You can navigate and search for tees in a text based way as well when looking at the designs as well.
Brilliant designs, very unique making them stand out from the plethora of t shirt brands, quality tees used for the design and a high quality print. There are a few minor quibbles but overall I really like the tee and the brand as a whole.

Now lets see what is my daughter's verdict

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What do you think Aniyah of this t shirt?

I like it, because it has a beard on it!

You can check out Awesome Sports Logos at the following locations

I just want to thank Gavin from Awesome Sports Logos  for sending me the London Beefeaters Tee.
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