I recently came across a really cool brand, they are not exactly new but I wanted to feature them as soon as possible. So I thought my new brand alert feature would be cool as they are kind of new to me! Cool tees and the owners are very enthusiastic about their brand.
A really cool site that tells you a lot of the guys that run Made With Awesome coupled with the loyal fan base they have on Facebook, this is a brand worth looking out for and I have not even mention their great designs yet!
Let’s find out more about Made With Awesome with Evan And Roni
Made With Awesome has existed for three years and was started by Evan Ferstenfeld and Roni Lagin, two t-shirt makers who excel at humor which makes you think just a little bit as you're laughing your guts out. 
Another big selling point of our company is that nearly everything is made in collaborative fashion, because two heads are better than one. 
We have designs for sale on our main website, Society6, as well as various small boutiques throughout the country.
Also our humorous outlook on the t-shirt world and what we feel we can provide that is completely unique (namely original designs on high quality shirt fabric) is detailed in this section on our website:
And let me mention our twitter and Facebook accounts.
The two shirts we'd like to highlight are both designs done in collaboration between Evan Ferstenfeld and Eduardo San Gil.
This idea came to me when going into a store which had brand new Polaroid cameras for sale as a retro revival, and I knew I wanted to do an idea incorporating what makes those kinds of cameras so special, namely the photos that come out of it and develop within a couple minutes for instant appreciation! 
The idea of the camera giving "birth" to a Polaroid baby in a delivery room came after a bit of brainstorming.  Eduardo loved the idea and the finished design came together within a relatively fast week and a half.
 I rarely do pop culture designs, and even rarer is when I do a mash up of two pop culture properties. 
The two worlds need to be perfectly in sync with one another and not just a cheap cash-in, and the fact that Ewoks and the main characters of the movie Easy Rider are both rebelling against the establishment, riding around on floating Harleys bikes was the next logical step, and Eduardo brilliantly gave the background a Death Star sunset finish.
Thanks guys! Really Cool Introduction To A Great Brand!
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