I first came across Death Note a few years ago when I caught a relative of mine watching the first movie.
I will be honest I have never really got into Manga or Anime. So when I  caught a glimpse of the movie I thought it looked pretty weird (without really giving it a chance. Fast forward to a few months ago and a combination of being at a loose end, the TV schedules and the moon being in alignment I was able to watch the first movie on TV.
Wow! I was blown away, I started searching the Internet for more information about Death Note. And there was a lot more to Death Note than I first realised, this was a franchise and it was huge.
There are two more movies, one of which was a spin-off of some sort featuring L in a separate adventure within the Death Note universe. And of course let’s not forget about the Manga books and Anime series as well. 
I ordered the following two movies and to be honest I was hooked after the first if you have not already guessed. I have even watched all three movies in one day! Yes I know I'm sad. 🙂
I am currently working my way through the Anime series and so far it has not disappointed! I still have the Manga books to read as well. I think most people start with the comics, then the anime then the movies. I really have to do everything in reverse.
I heard as well Hollywood maybe remaking Death Note as well, as with most Hollywood remakes, my expectations remain fairly low. 🙂 But you never know, if it does ever get made it just might be good!
Before I go any further let me give you a brief synopsis of the story:
A high school student named Light Yagami comes across a notebook (The Death Note). The Death Note had been dropped on Earth by a Shinigami (a god of death) who goes by the name Ryuk.
What the Death Note does is allows someone to be killed by name and face they know by writing their name in the notebook. Light uses the book to rid the rid the world of evil 'in the name of justice' but along the way becomes corrupt with the power of the Death Note and also becomes obsessed with a mysterious detective known as L.
My obsession with Death Note knows no bounds. so I have been a bit surprised that I have not featured a single Death Note T shirt on Geek shirts HQ.
There has certainly been a lack of Manga or Anime t shirts. So I thought I would change all that, here it is, my list of Death Note t shirts. I have tried to feature as many t shirts as I could find for my feature which has turned into.
The Top 32 Death Note T Shirts
Let me know what you think in the comment section below and if there should be any t shirts you think should be included or if there is any t shirts you want to see taken out of the list. I would love to hear from you.