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This time we have Derin Ciler from Turkey a freelance illustrator and the man behind MKNK Clothing
MKNK Clothing 3
I interviewed Derin to find out more about his cool brand and there is news at the end of this cool feature about an exclusive discount for readers of Geek Shirts HQ.
Welcome to GSHQ! Can you tell me more about the people behind MKNK Clothing?
It's me, myself and i. Oh i am Derin Ciler, well most of you might know me by my alias MEKAZOO.
I am a freelance illustrator and designer. I do all the designs for MKNK, order stuff from manufacturers, post the orders…
You got the idea, i do everything .
Why did you start MKNK clothing?
It was always planned, i always wanted to start my own brand from the day one.
But i wasn't feeling ready both style and ehm money wise.
MKNK Clothing 2
When did you start?
I finally pulled the trigger last summer and launched the brand in October. It was the time!
Where are you based?
I am from Istanbul/Turkey.  But no worries, we ship across Planet Earth.
MKNK Clothing caps
What else can you tell me about MKNK Clothing? (what does MKNK mean)
MKNK stands for MEKANIK.
MKNK is a concept brand with limited edition products and will always stay this way.
My aim is to provide unique and fresh designs with highest quality possible. Hoodies and snapbacks are in production now as we speak.
So stay tuned for more fresh stuff! Be sure to check our blog and facebook page for news.
MKNK Clothing paper toys
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use?
All MKNK tees are screen printed with eco friendly water-based inks, prints are really crisp and feels very smooth.
Also all shirts are 100% Combed Ring Spun Cotton and custom made.
I didn't wanted to use cheap blanks for the brand as i wanted to offer products with great quality.
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you?
I send the shirts in a pizza box to eliminate any bad surprises that could happen during shipping.

Play Hard T Shirt


Available at MKNK Clothing

Play Hard is inspired by everyone's favourite portable console. It's about when games were really hard and made us really angry but also very happy. 

Bolt Dismay T Shirt



Available At MKNK Clothing

Bolt Dismay is one of  the MKNK's most pop culture inspired tee, i always loved old school cartoons and the cartoon violence. Except more similiar designs!

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Thank you Derin for a cool interview and a massive discount for GSHQ readers.
I love the designs that Derin has produced and all the added extras that go with his cool designs  
The pizza box packaging, the paper toys and the stickers.
Looking at the pictures of the actual t shirts themselves, they look like being tag less tees with a printed neck and hem tag as well.
The website is well designed, very clean looking with lots of great product pictures as well.
Overall MKNK Clothing judging by what I have seen so far, are very professional, great designs, cool website and have a bright future ahead.