Welcome To A Brand New Edition Of The Geek Shirts HQ News Digest.
There is lots of news to get through today including news of the launch of Geek Shirts HQ very own on line store.
Loads of new designs over at the Redbubble Community
New hoodies from MKNK Clothing.
New tees from Horizon Clothing.
A cool new Tee released from Time To Rise Clothing.
There is also new T-Shirt Designs from T Shirt Hell.
Conscious Apparel has launched their new tees
And of course there loads more.

New From Redbubble 

Arkham Crazy Eights T-Shirts

by AWEswanky
Arkham Crazy Eights T SHIRTS
Michael's latest design takes it inspiration from Batman.

Super Train Bros T-Shirts

by Drawsgood
Super Train Bros T SHIRTS
An updated version of a previous design from Drawsgood 

Utopia Jetset TShirt

by Dan Wolfe
Utopia Jetset T SHIRTS

Trouble In Mushroom Kingdom T-Shirt

by Powerpig
Trouble in the Mushroom Kingdom T SHIRTS
A new design inspired by Mario.

Tales of Terror T-Shirt

by kgullholmen
Tales of Terror T SHIRTS

But you can Call me Sexy T-Shirt

by Ameda Nowlin
But you can Call me Sexy T SHIRTS

Ground Team – Earthquakes T-Shirts

by Kari Fry
Ground Team - Earthquakes T SHIRTS

New From Fan Boy 30

A really cool Street Fighter inspired Tee, this one is a tri blend American Apparel Tee.
Master Bison T-shirts

New from Horizon Clothing

From Solid Ground To The Deepest Sea T Shirt

from-solid-ground-to-the-deepest-sea t shirt
Here is a great new tee from Horizon Clothing available in Black and Cranberry.

New From MKNK Clothing

Derin from MKNK Clothing contacted me recently to let me know about his brand new limited edition hoodies and snapbacks with an additional discount.
2 limited edition hoodies limited to 70 of each one

Old School Hoodie

Heather Grey
Oldschool Hoodie

Old School Hoodie

Oldschool Hoodie Black
2 limited edition snapbacks limited to only 50 each.

Old School Snapback


Cartoon Violence Snapback

Cartoon Violence Snapback
There is also a discount code to get five dollars off using the following code: HIFIVE

New From Time To Rise Clothing

The TTR Crest tee has just been released from Time To Rise Clothing. Printed on a Gildan Tee, makes this tee super soft and fit extremely well.

TTR Crest Tee

TTR Crest Tee front  design
TTR Crest Tee back design

New From Anything Goes Apparel

Here is a cool new hoodie from Anything Goes Apparel

Set Sail Two Tone Zip Up Hoodie

Set Sail Two-Tone Zip Up Hoodie

New From T Shirt Hell

Two new releases from one of my favourite brands.

Morbidly American T-Shirt

Morbidly American T-Shirt

I Just Got My Nails Done Hoodie & T-Shirt

I Just Got My Nails Done T-Shirt

New Tees From Abandon Ship Apparel

Lots of new tees over at Abandon Ship Apparel, all of which have a new fit, including this little number



Conscious Apparel New Release

A couple of new releases over at Conscious Apparel. Normally these are good quality tees, I own one of their Skull Dot Work Tees, still in good condition and keeping its shape after a number of washes. 

Cattitude  T-Shirt

Cattitude t-shirt

Just A T-Shirt I Designed With My Bear Hands

Just a t-shirt I designed with my bear hands

Sale at After Hours Agenda Clothing

There is a sale over at After Hours Agenda Clothing, which do a number of different clothing items, not just t shirts. Here is one of my favourites from their collection that is on sale now.

Get Drunk T-Shirt

getdrunk_start a riot tshirts

Geek Shirts HQ News

Lots to get through in today's news.

There is a new interview from Melee Ninja in the designer unlocked interview series.
New Brand Alerts from: 
Check them out and also Geek Shirts HQ coupon page with more up to date coupon codes.
There is a brand new shirt of the week from Warbucks and Ironwings.

What's New At Geek Shirts HQ?

We have some fantastic news about the Geek Shirts HQ store opening soon!
We are looking at the date of March 14th to open the store.
I have received the tees, I am just waiting for the badges, stickers and packaging to arrive. 
The designs are screen printed on 100% Anvil Ultra t shirts.
All tees are tagless with a custom Geek Shirts HQ neck print at the back.
Here is a sneak peek at the neck print at the back of the tee.
geek shirts hq neck label
Stalkers Corner. You can stalk Geek Shirts HQ at the following locations