Welcome To My Latest T Shirt Review From Truffle Shuffle

Truffle Shuffle have been a regular feature here at GSHQ, with regular reviews due to the quality and variety designs. 
Today we have the Moustache T Shirt. which is an exclusive design to Truffle Shuffle.

I asked their why design a Moustache T Shirt

Tache's are popular at the moment, very fashionable and events like Movember have bought even more attention to them.
We just wanted a simple and classic moustache design so the fans could wear it with pride, and we even  gave this tache a little twirl to make it even more majestic.
This tee also comes complete with our vintage style print which give this a little more style and a worn effect that is also hugely popular right now.
Thank You!
– Truffle Shuffle


As you can see from the web page below the Moustache t shirt has a number of product pictures and a few close up pictures thrown in.
I would like to see a few pictures of someone actually wearing the tee that this can help in the decision to actually buy the t shirt.
Moustache t shirt
The t shirt arrived in one of Truffle Shuffle's standard branded mailer which provided more than enough protection for the actual t shirt.
Moustache t shirt 45
The t shirt arrived with a packet of sweets (my daughter will be happy!) and a swing tag attached to the t shirt.
Moustache t shirt 43
The swing tag is printed on both sides and these things always add an extra bit of professionalism to the whole package.
Moustache t shirt 3
Some of the tees that I have reviewed from Truffle Shuffle in the past have had three tags on the back on the shirt, this has to do a lot with licensing issues from certain brands.
This particular tee only had the one tag at the back, the standard Truffle Shuffle branded tag.
Moustache t shirt 4
Now the boring bits are actually over, lets look at the actual t shirt.
The t shirt that was sent was their Moustache t shirt, obviously if you have not figured that out by now, either the pictures that you seen are not clear enough or you have issues with my communication style! 🙂
The Moustache tees have been very popular as of late and this cool design has been printed on a Grey t shirt.
Moustache t shirt 5
Here is a closer look at the design, it has a distressed look and will look even better after a few washes.
Trust me I have a few of Truffle Shuffles exclusive designs and they have a really cool vintage retro feel about the distressed design.
Moustache t shirt 6
Here is an even closer look at the design, you can see the distressed look and the clean printing around the edges of the design, indicating a top quality finish when it coming to Truffle Shuffle getting their designs printed.
Moustache t shirt 7
I don't know if it is just me, but when wearing these tees, they just seem to get softer and softer.
The t shirt was a good fit. a light to medium weight cotton, like I said earlier felt very soft next to my skin.
I have not washed this tee yet but as I mentioned earlier.
Truffle Shuffle's tees seem to get better and better the more you wash them, they don't lose their shape and the distressed designs look even more vintage and retro.
Moustache t shirt 8
Personally I really like this design. Unlike some of the other tees I have, the design is understated.
This is not necessarily a bad thing and I think the tee as works really well when worn with most items of clothing.
Moustache t shirts seem to be a big trend at the moment but Truffle Shuffle seem always just stand out enough from the crowd to make their tee a little different from the distressed look of the design to the colour used in the design.
Also unlike myself who can grow a big full on beard in a matter of hours (well it seems that way)
This would be a cool tee for anyone that suffers from 'Naked Face Syndrome'  A.K.A unable to grow any facial hair, as it just might make them feel a little more manly! 🙂
Moustache t shirt 9

Now it is my daughters opinion!

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Aniyah What do you think of this t shirt? 

Well Daddy, its looks good and looks a lot better than your beard! 🙂 Now can I have my sweets please!
Thanks Aniyah! I think!

You can get the Moustache tee over here

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