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If you are reading this then it wasn't the end of the world but what if what if it was the end of the world for an iconic video game character what would it be like?
I know that was the question everyone was asking themselves in 2012 :).
What would Mario do if there was no mushroom kingdom?
Would Mario go back to being a plumber?
This week’s shirt of the week is the latest release from one of my favourite t shirt brands Splitreason.

Mushroom Kingdom End Of Times

Mushroom Kingdom End Of Times T Shirt

So the world didn't end  on December 21st, but it is not looking good for the Mushroom Kingdom. I think Mario might have ran out of luck in this cool design.
Mushroom Kingdom End Of Times T Shirt 1
Looks like Mario, might have to go back to being a plumber, that if he survives the apocalypse that has hit The Mushroom Kingdom
Mushroom Kingdom End Of Times T Shirt 2
I really like the colourful design, here is a fantastic video of the colouring process to create the cool tee from the artist.
It looks like a lot of detail has gone into the fantastic design.
I love the artwork and it looks like it has been well reproduced on this tee during the printing process.
Mushroom Kingdom End Of Times T Shirt 3
The tee itself is a 100% cotton 10.2 ounce crewneck t shirt.
It has double needle cover seamed neck, taped neck and shoulders and double needle sleeve and bottom. 
So the tee will wear well and look good!
It is also pre-shrunk so it should save any embarrassing accidents after it has been washed, when it will only fit a hobbit

Available At Splitreason

If Mario does survive I might give him a job writing for my blog!

You can get yours over at Splitreason right now.

All proceeds go to The Mushroom Kingdom relief fund.