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This week we have Native New York

Native New York
A brand I first came across through the designer of their new awesome tee, Native Kong.   That designer was of course Beastpop Artworks.
The Native Kong design piqued by interest in this cool brand so I asked them for an interview to find out a little more about them.
When did you start Native New York?
We would like to add a little background of the Native team. The founding members are Mike Walsh, Kevin Tyson and Fred Hagemeyer.
We’re all childhood friends who grew up on Long Island, NY.  Before creating our clothing line we busy earning our college degrees.
Mike earned an associate degree in Graphic Design and then went to experience life outside of New York to attend the Art Institute of Pittsburgh.
Meanwhile Kevin was eager to hit the city scene and attended school at The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.
Fred attended Dowling College and graduated with an education in Elementary Education.
Shortly before Mike returned home to New York in the summer of 2010 we had discussed the next phase of our lives. We wondered how we could combine our knowledge and skill sets. Our mission was to create something we would be in control of. We wanted to follow our own dreams and set our own goals. During a conversation through text message the idea of a clothing line came about. That is when Native New York was born.
We had our name, the next step was figuring out what Native New York was all about. After a few months of research and development our clothing brand finally had the look and feel that we desired. In summer 2011 we started off small launching our first two designs, “Street Lamp”& “A New York Thing”. Ever since then it has been the three of us transforming our ideas into reality.
Native New York tshirts
Why did you start Native New York?
We started Native New York to create something bigger than ourselves.
It has been an opportunity to express ourselves and build a brand from the basement up. The mission is to reflect the New York we know, and for The Natives who live in New York City, Long Island and upstate New York.
We want to capture the look, the feel, and energy of our surroundings. There is so much art and culture in New York we have barely scratched the surface of what we would like to accomplish. The idea is to bring clothing to those who were born and raised here and those who don't have the opportunity to be here.
We want everyone to feel like a Native, this city isn't just ours it's everyone's, but obviously Native means a lot more to those who grew up in or around NYC. We feel the culture should be accessible to everyone and everyone can relate to New York, because the whole World is here.
Where did you get the name Native New York?
It simply came about in a text message about creating a clothing line. The name really just popped out of thin air and was the basis for everything from there on out.
Where are you based?
Long Island, NY. We are hoping for retail space in the future.
What else can you tell me about Native New York?
The first ten designs were created by Mike Walsh in collaboration with the rest of the team on the final product. The idea was to keep it simple and convey the brand name in relation to our original ideas.
We print a limited number of each design since we are a small company. We like to keep it exclusive for our fans. To date we have not yet re-printed anything of our original pieces. We have plans to do reprints of our original designs. Recently we contracted “Beastpop artworks” in creating The “Native-Kong” T-shirt (below). A few more collaborations with artists are in the works so stay tuned!

Native-Kong T-Shirt

Native-Kong” T-shirt
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use?
The printing process has been a mix between traditional plastisol inks and special soft inks.
Our main printer (threadbird) calls the process “Premium standard” which is a discharge under base with super soft inks on top. This process gives the print a “no-touch feel”.
We have also done embroidery work on our recent hoodies. American Apparel is our preferred garment by us and by our customers. We believe in high quality clothing and production and pay the extra bucks for people enjoy wearing our clothing.
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you?
Right now when ordering from us you can expect to get quality clothing and a bunch of stickers with your order. You also get a little bit of New York with each product of our collection. We also hope that you get us, just three guys with a passion for street wear, the arts, creativity and the energy. We represent a culture of young kids who just want to make it in America.
We are also students of our business learning and improving as we go along. We want to express all that through our clothing and we realize that not everyone has that luxury and were very grateful for the opportunities we have made for ourselves and we hope that by representing our brand we can share with you a bit of that freedom we feel every day.
Native-Kong” T-shirts
What plans have you got for the future?
We are proud that we have partnered up with some incredible artistic talent to bring you our first collaboration pieces and they are by far our coolest work. It showcase’s a side our fans have yet to see from us and were really excited to bring some new stuff to our followers.
We plan to introduce a Women’s line, tank tops, snapbacks, and reprints, new look books, overhaul our website and social media.
We want to be constantly evolving our brand because that’s what New York is all about. We will be attending trade shows and events to have way more interaction with our fans. In the long term were very much looking forward to eventually stocking up local shops and taking up retail space of our own. The dream would be to move right into the heart of NYC.
Where can I find out more about Native New York?
We would like to say that none of this would be possible without our family, friends, and loyal fans that continue to support us.
We strive every day to create better and better products for our fans. Thanks again for the opportunity and check out our website/Social Media. 

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