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Natives uk band
How did I come across this cool band?
Via Twitter whist they were promoting their new EP, which after listening to the previews I quickly ordered the EP and after checking out some of their links, found their merchandise store, which sold t shirts!
I messaged the band if they would be up for an interview! You can found out more about this cool band in the interview with Jack Fairbrother below.
Can you tell me more about your band? How did you start? When did you start?  Where you based? Who’s who in the band? Writes songs, lead singer etc? What are your musical influences?
Natives is a little over a year old but the five of us have been making music together for years. Myself, Greg and Andy met at school in The New Forest, UK and started jamming together. We met Jim and Ash through other bands in the local area and started writing and touring together.
We write together with nobody taking sole responsibility for one specific instrument, so there's freedom for Andy who normally plays drums to write guitar parts, the rest of us to write vocal parts etc
We take influence from Fall Out Boy, Coldplay, Say Anything, Friendly Fires and everything in between. 

'This Island' T-Shirt

This Island T-Shirt
How would you describe the musical style of your band?
Pop and Roll
Where did you get the name for your band?
We began writing our album without a band name, with the five of us together in our practice room in the New Forest, it felt quite primal in a musical way and we wanted a name which reflected that.
We also knew from day one that we wanted to connect with people in a tribe-like way and create a real community vibe between us and the people who listen to us. 'Natives' felt like it summed up both of those points.

N A T I V E S – Stand For Something

Who designs your t shirts?
We come up with the ideas for the shirts ourselves, we love to get involved in all the creative processes outside of the music writing. None of us are skilled at art / design so we explain our ideas Duncan Howsley who then turns them into actual images.
Duncan does this for our t-shirts, CD art, web design and music videos. He's our sixth member. It's very important to us that our shirts look like something you would want to buy in a shop regardless of the brand rather than just sticking the band name on everything in huge letters.

'Aztec' T-Shirt


Aztec T-Shirt
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use?
We use Gildan Softstyle shirts, we find them to be a great unisex fit and decent quality as well as being widely available at short notice – which is important on tour.
Most of our shirts use a discharge print, we find this makes the shirts look more natural and 1 dimensional rather than a print which pops of the shirt too much and looks like a DIY t-shirt kit.
We also dip dye some of our shirts by hand to create colour gradients. We're constantly experimenting with different techniques to make sure all of our shirts are special.

Limited Edition

Stand For Something USB Bundle


natives apparels
"Their new tee ships with a fabric marker so you can write your own message on the tee, making each tee unique. A great idea that sets their t shirts apart not only from other bands but from other t shirt brands as well."
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you?
A very personal service. We do everything we can ourselves. We reply to any customer service queries personally and as soon as possible.
We package and ship the orders ourselves. This way we know that our customers are getting the service which we want to provide them. It's another way of creating a community around the band rather than creating a big divide.
natives bands tees
Where can I find out more about your brand and tees?
I'd recommend heading to www.follownatives.com where you get a free song in exchange for signing up to our mailing list. This mailing list is the best place to keep up to date with what we're up to, including new t-shirts as soon as they go on sale.
We're also on all the usual social networks:
What’s coming next for you?
We're currently out on tour in the UK with The Summer Set (i'm writing this from the van). Once this tour is over we're back in the rehearsal space writing the next album and practicing for summer festivals.
Our new EP Stand For Something is out June 2nd on iTunes, and you can pre order that now here
Our debut album will follow that late September and then it's tour tour tour!

N A T I V E S – This Island (Official Video) [HD]

Thanks for a cool interview! Don't forget to check them out at the links provided and go and check out their store and order one of their cool tees,!