Loads of NEW Tees in Todays MEGA Edition of the Geek Shirts HQ News Digest.

News of Chopping Mall! The new brand from Fright Rags
Electric Zombie and Thirteenth Apparel have new collections.
Don't forget to check out Insert Coin Clothing.
And loads more!!
 Albert Einstein T Shirt, The Hulk Tees & Marry Poppin Tshirt

What's New At Redbubble?

Lunch T-Shirt

By Bleee
A brilliant design from Billy! What more can I say? 

Bullet Time Bill T-Shirt

By Dan Wolfe
A great t shirt from an old friend at Geek Shirts HQ Dan Wolfe, inspired by one of my favourite movies of all time The Matrix.

Donkey Puft T-Shirt

by Mike Handy
With news of Ghostbusters 3 starting production soon,  There is renewed interest in the franchise, a great time to release a Ghostbusters inspired t shirt. This tee is a cool mash up of Ghostbusters and Donkey Kong.

Revived Designs From Busted Tees

There are over 400 designs available in the Busted Tees archive now available, all these designs have been revived due to popular demand.

Mars Investigations T Shirt

After the success of the recent Mars Rover, I thought this cool tee would of been returning soon.

Paleozoic Park T Shirt

An interesting take on a certain famous movie franchise. 
These designs from the Busted Tees Archive are specially printed for you, so cannot be returned or exchanged.

604 Republic has launched THE GEEKOUT

Over the last 604Republic has been building a new place for geeks to call home, their Geek OUt section is full of interesting articles and features for geeks everywhere.
Here are some of my favorite posts from the new Geek Out

Ten Reasons Why A T Rex Would Make A Bad Pet


New From T Shirt Hell

Two great new designs from the kings of the offensive, T Shirt Hell. 

These Tits Property of.. T Shirt


Grammer Nazis Sesame Street Shirt


Insert Coin Clothing New Releases

Aquila T Shirt

This one was inspired by Assassins Creed III

Dr Earnhardt Alternative Therapies T Shirt

Another cool tee inspired by Far Cry 3

Thirteenth Apparel New Range 

Thirteenth Apparel has just released their new range AND you can get a fantastic discount from 13th Apparel exclusive to readers of Geek Shirts HQ

Obey T Shirt


Sketch T Shirt


Stay Unlucky T Shirt

Three cool new t shirts from their new collection and you will receive free stickers with each order.
Stop Press
There is also a special deal where you can get £5 off your order with the following coupon code exclusive to Geek Shirts HQ
Coupon Code: GEEKLOVE

Nine Lives New Releases

Nine Lives contacted me to let me know about their new releases

No Fate T-Shirt

A skull design that looks a little Terminator with the red eyes. What do you think?

Death From Above T-Shirt

Love this design as well. Judging by what I have seen so far Nine Lives is fast becoming one of my favorite brands and a brand I think you all will hear a lot more of in the future.

Electric Zombie Loads Of New Designs

Electric Zombie has released a number of new t shirt designs. Here are two of my favorites from their new collection.

Lycanbolt Brown T Shirt


Graveyard Smash 2 T Shirt


Brand New Chopping Mall

From Fright Rags comes a great new brand with over 130 designs, Chopping Mall
Let me get Fright Rags to tell you all about it
From January 2008 – August 2011, we had a category of products on the Fright-Rags site called "vintage shirts". These were custom shirts, using a state of the art digital ink process that allowed us to print full color shirts on demand, and on a variety of colors. Unlike screenprinting where you must print shirts in batches, these shirts were made to order, and allowed us the flexibility of offering various styles.
However, in September of 2011, we ran into supply issues caused a delay in processing orders. Instead of shipping them in 4 weeks, they were going out in 6-8 weeks. That was unacceptable, and we made the decision to stop selling those products completely until we could rectify the issue.
After much deliberating, we realized the only solution was to move those custom products off the Fright-Rags site and onto a completely new website, and fully integrate it with a fulfillment company that could oversee the entire order process, from printing to shipping.
There are great benefits to this, as our production time has been slashed from 4 weeks to about 4-5 days. Plus, since the fulfillment center is centrally located in the USA, orders should get to other parts of the country much more quickly so you can get your customs shirts much faster than we could ever deliver them before.
We have kicked off the site with over 130 different designs with a selection of 9 different colored shirts per design.
But we're not stopping there… Those of you familiar with our vintage shirts may notice the omission of some elements such as the ability to choose a distressed design, girl shirts, and long sleeves.
Due to the overwhelming amount of time this site took to implement, we decided to get it up and running with the main line-up of shirts first so we could finally announce this to the public.
However, now that we've launched, we plan on moving into phase 2 in 2013, which will not only include more products, but more variety of styles. We are committed to Chopping Mall and have endless of ideas for various types of products we hope to introduce in the future.
And here is one tee to get you started





The Curse Of The Werewolf T Shirt


Geek Shirts HQ News

Have you checked out the latest edition of the Geek Shirts HQ News Digest Indie Edition?
With 16 brands, Geek Shirts HQ are now going to bring you the best from the indie brands.
The latest interview from the T Shirt Brand Undressed series is  Awesome Sports Logo. A great company that has a special deal for Geek Shirts HQ readers and there is a cool contest to win a t shirt below: 

Awesome Sports Logo Contest

Awesome Sports Logos are  giving away two of their tees in a special contest EXCLUSIVE to Geek Shirts HQ Readers!
All you have to do is leave a COMMENT on the posting on the Geek Shirts HQ Facebook page about the interview.
Two winners will be picked out at random and will be announced on on the Geek Shirts HQ Facebook page.
The closing date will be 11:59 BST 11th November, the winner will be announced on my Facebook Page.
Note: "Contest Available To US Mainland Only"

Geek Shirts HQ Stalkers Corner

 Albert Einstein T Shirt, The Hulk Tees & Marry Poppin Tshirt