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This week we have Dan Wolfe back at GSHQ towers with another one of his awesome designs. I personally don't know how he keeps coming up with these original concepts.
So if you are a fan of the new James Bond movie Skyfall and the British comedy The IT crowd, you will love this cool design.

Nerd Britannia Shirt

By Dan Wolfe 
Dan is kind enough to give you all a bit of background in his new design.
I got this idea while I was watching Skyfall. As soon as I saw Q I knew he was a sort of long lost twin of Maurice Moss from the IT Crowd. The two of them together would make a pretty formidable nerd team.
The design process was pretty simple on this one. As soon as I saw Q I knew he was a great match for Maurice Moss. I started sketching the two of them together the next day and realised that tea drinking would connect them very well thanks to Q's scrabble mug and Moss's Countdown experience. (If you've never seen Moss on Countdown you are missing out!)
My pencil sketches are always a bit scruffy but this one is even more than usual. Its still enough to get me the general shape to start putting down some lines on the computer. 
Tweaking the line weights and curves gives it a bit more life and then its down to lots and lots of shading and hatching to finish it off.
Thanks Dan, a cool design! I am biased as I am a big IT Crowd fan! As you can see below, the finished design really does look awesome.

Available At Redbubble

Don't forget to check out Nerd Britannia Shirt over at Dan's Redbubble store along with some of his other designs.