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A cool new brand, this time from a couple of talented guys Azad Jan and Haider Haque. Check out this ultra cool brand with their unique designs and their interesting take on life.
 Here is a brand that has only existed for a few months but judging by the website, they have put as much effort into their brand as they have done with their cool designs.
I Am Azad are making waves in the world of apparel online!!!
Let me get Iamazad to tell you more:
The idea of AZAD had been brewing in my mind for the last decade or so.  I previously ran a popular (in Pakistan) casual wear business with the brand name of VOODOOTEE.  I sold off that company (for peanuts) in 2008. 
In 2011, the idea of AZAD started taking proper shape and I tested the waters through Zazzle and Cafepress.  In May 2011, after a few months of preparation, I launched
AZAD is about freedom, free thinking, confidence, and being seriously out of the ordinary.  It represents those who want to try out new things.  AZAD designs are created keeping this essence in view.
We have engaged concept and graphic artistes, who view the world differently.  Our initial work was just a feeler, as there is more conceptual work to come in the future.
Individual courage is at the heart of all AZAD designs.  Hence our slogan, Courage Clothing.
 AZAD products are available online through and The rest, you can find on the 'AZAD Philosophy' Page. 
Here are a couple of cool tees from their collection.
‘AZAD Khayal’ literally means “Free Thinker”
Everything in life starts with a thought and if one restricts thought, one restricts life.  The idea is to keep an open mind, to really taste the full flavor of life.
This is one of the most popular designs they have in our portfolio. 

The word Courage in different languages of the world.
Courage is what separates a man from the meek. Not taking a moment to map out the consequences, taking a leap of faith, to do what is right. 
What do you think?
I personally love their philosophy and their designs are both unique and awesome, which can be difficult to achieve. As the number of t shirt brands is growing rapidly on what seems like a daily basis.
I think Azad is a brand that will be here fore years to come.


Use the exclusive Geek Shirts HQ promo code 'GEEKSHIRTHQ' to get 15% Off at AZAD online store!