A new clothing brand has come to my attention, when one does I stop to take notice. I head on over to their t shirt section since I am a t shirt blogger, it's basically "my thing". If I like the tees I will mention it in my news and keep an eye on them for future tee releases. 
Now if you are wondering why I am telling you this, it's because a young lady named Jen Quero contacted me about her new clothing brand, I loved her designs but I was bowled over by her enthusiasm and passion she has, yes I garnered all this from email! I am that good! So I thought I write a separate feature about Brutallic Apparel and her new designs
Jen, it's time for you to take centre stage and tell us all about Brutallic Designs
I have got a funny feeling that Jen likes to take centre stage! 🙂
We are a new apparel line that has just launched out of New York City.
Brutallic Apparel is an indie line based on urban fashion, geek and pop culture. We are the latest brand to come out of the urban lifestyle of New York City, influenced by its daily grind and massive creativity.
Being in the apparel industry for almost 10 years, starting out with high fashion menswear and currently designing for children's wear, I've done a whole range of different styles and trends over the decade.
I have always thought about designing my OWN apparel, with my own vision on things without having to take direction from someone else or a huge corporation who thinks they have the heartbeat of what’s new and fresh.
But in reality are so far removed from the real world. I was also influenced by my peers, who are trying to do their own things as well.
All of the creativity I see around me is what motivates me. This is why I started Brutallic. I hope to take this brand further, with new products coming soon, like new tee designs, pocket tee's, snapback hats and even backpacks! I am taking extra care in every detail, making sure I put out the best quality product I can produce.
I see Brutallic as a reflection on myself, and I always want to have pride in everything I design.
The brand is unisex; I personally have always hated the clichés of pinks and flowers for girls. I often go to stores where I love the menswear designs, and hate all of the women's wear.
As if women can't be edgy, into comic books, or geeky. This is why I use a unisex Tee, that's super soft and slim fitting, and looks great on both men and women.
I hope to create a movement with artists, geeks, gamers, skateboarders, hip hop heads, and fashionistas bonding together, influencing each other, and enjoying great looking apparel.
My name is Jen Quero, and I am the founder and designer of Brutallic. I hope you join the Brutal movement!
We currently have a promo where you can get 10% off your total purchase by liking us on Facebook!
There are Two (2) New Tees in the Collection. Here is the First:
About the Tees I mentioned, they both came from my geeky side of reading comic books. Amazonian is a reference to Wonder Woman, the Amazonian Princess. I tried to keep the design as masculine as I thought was necessary, and I also didn't want it to scream "wonder woman", which is why I used a different shape for the W's in the middle, and inverted one upside down.
I tried incorporating Wonder Woman's crown toward the centre, with her star in the middle. Also included her sword she’s been carrying in the DC New 52s issues of WW. Also added her famous stars around the circle crest.
And The Second (2) New Tee in The Collection:
The "Goddamn Batwumon" T-shirt is obviously about Batwoman, who's one of my favourite DC characters. She's pretty bad ass. I absolutely LOVE the artwork of JH Williams III! He is truly amazing.
This is one of my favourite comic books to read, and just to look at. This Tee has a version of her bat symbol smack dead in the centre chest, with pyramids, daggers, crosses and the famous "Goddamn" Williams III always writes in the comics.
I designed this tee in a tribalistic kind of way, and wrote the word Batwumon at the bottom instead of Batwoman as it sounds, not as you spell it. I pictured a tribe just dancing in a circle around a fire saying goddamn batwumon!! So these first two styles are more of an expression of me, and I'm flattered that other people have liked them as well.

Thank you Jen, I personally love the new designs, Brutallic Apparel looks like an awesome brand and can’t wait to see what they come up with next!