Today I have a brand that is not exactly new but it is a brand that really does excite me!
Ever heard of a t shirt brand that is based on Chess?
Neither did I until i came across End Game Clothing, but may think that that geek is a little too geeky and needs to be locked up!
How can anyone get excited about t shirts based on Chess?
Well when you check out these really cool designs you are going to get excited as well.
I found it difficult to find only two t shirts to feature in this brand alert (yes I know my life is difficult! Full of tough choices!) as I really loved all the designs.
I will get John O Brian (the main man of End Game Clothing) to tell you more!
I have always been a chess player.  And wanting to show support for my game, I looked around for some cool chess t-shirts, but could not find anything I would dare wear in public. 
The only chess t-shirts I could find were absolutely unwearable.  I couldn't even find something that would pass for neo-nerd, geek-chic, so-lame-it's-cool Threadless style. 
So back in 2001, I came across a friend of a friend who had a screen printer in his garage.  I thought it would be funny to design a "high performance" chess t-shirt.  I drew up a quick logo and printed a couple shirts.  I would wear them to local chess tournaments and other players would ask about them. 
It wasn't until 2008 that I actually decided to hire artists and create high quality chess t-shirts. 
Endgame is our way of supporting and promoting the game of chess.  Things are not easy for a chess player…we live in a society that celebrates stupidity and persecutes intellectualism. 
The majority of our top players cannot earn a living from the sport they have dedicated their lives to. 
If Endgame can play a small role in promoting the game and improving the image of chess, then we will feel we have accomplished something special. 
And in the meantime, if a few chess players get laid because they are wearing such a badass chess t-shirt, then so be it!
This was one of those designs that went together so easy and sells so well that it drives me crazy that every design doesn't go this smooth. The inspiration for this design was the classic boxing posters of the 60's. 
This design is an attempt to contrast the classic beauty of chess with all of the trappings of modern gaming.   
Thank you John for a brilliant introduction into End Game Clothing.
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