Here is Pixle Propaganda Apparel, the coolest thing since beards.
I first came across Pixel Propaganda Apparel through their cool Facebook page.
Andy the owner of Pixel Propaganda is a guy who is passionate about his brand. 
Let me get Andy to tell you more:
After graduating with a bachelors degree in Illustration from a small art college, I decided that I really wanted to learn how to screen print since I had not learned it while in school.
I picked up a small kit off the web and began producing pretty archaic and simple designs. The shirts were deemed very popular and it encouraged me to create something even bigger and more recognizable. That's when Pixel Boy was born.
I created Pixel Propaganda Apparel back in the fall of 2011, two years after graduating from college, so it's obviously quite young.
Pixel Propaganda Apparel represents my love of everything retro, bold and colorful.
I'm also pretty keen on good vibes….you can never have too much of those. I'll also tell you right now, I do not have an over all goal for this brand. I'm not looking to get rich off of this…that's pretty much impossible.
I'm doing this because I love art. I love people WEARING art! I mean I print and press all of my shirts out of my parent's basement, so no two shirts that I produce are alike. They're basically wearable pieces of art.
Shirts are a canvas, and I love working with a blank canvas. They give me a way to express myself. That's a really cliche' thing to say as an artist, but it's true and I'm being sincere when I say that. I mean…printing or pressing a shirt is a really zen activity. Listen to me, I sound like a crazy hippie. barf.
But seriously. Good vibes, dude. It's what this is all about. That's another reason why I keep my shirt prices so low.
But enough about me. If you're really interested in checking out what I've been up to or what I'm currently working on, be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram @ PixelBoyy! Cheers!
Oh, and thank you, GeekShirts, for featuring me! You guys rock! 
The original Pixel Kid tee was literally the first design i started pressing off under the Pixel Propaganda Apparel name.
That white design with the kid in the backwards hat was taken directly out of my sketchbook and thrown into Photoshop.
About a month or two later, I went back in, totally cleaned up the imaged, smoothed out and lines and made him winking to give him and even friendlier vibe and that's the Pixel Boy you see today. 
The Latin Crest tee was created after me browsing countless images of old Soviet propaganda art (it's where the "propaganda" in the name is derived from as well).
The wreath around the center obviously symbolizes peace. "Ars Vitae" and "Ars Mortis", the two latin phrases near the top, translate to "Art is Life" and "Art is Death". I was born an artist, so I plan to live the rest of my life as such. 
Finally, the Pixel Girl design was born after realizing that Pixel Boy must be sort of lonely…..i mean… makes sense, right? So what's next? Pixel Dog, maybe? Who knows. Time will tell.
I do have a couple designs in the works for the fall and winter though. It's just a matter of pacing myself and keeping this brand bumping. I love it, it's not ending any time soon I can promise you that.
ALSO…one last thing, sorry. Here's one of the new designs I'm considering making available to the public this fall/winter. If you enjoy it, be sure to head over to my facebook page and tell me what you think!
Thanks again Andy Don't forget to check out this cool brand with even cooler prices.