Here at Geek Shirts HQ, I am always looking for new brands to feature. Most of the time, they come looking for me!
That was not the case with We Will Destroy!, I found them through their Facebook page and for a brand (at the time of writing this) has only been in existence for approximately five months, they are really engaging with their fans on level I normally see from experienced brands. This prompted me to check out their site. They have a few t shirt designs available and I am sure more will be added in the future. I thought let's put the Geek Shirts HQ spotlight on We Will Destroy!.
I will let Kris and Mark the founding fathers of We Will Destroy! tell you more.
Founded in March 2012 by Kris & Mark, We Will Destroy! (Don't forget the exclamation mark) is a Glasgow based independent clothing label that takes influence from 80's comic books, early horror movies and general destruction.
We Will Destroy! aim to create tee's that you won't find anywhere else and offer affordable clothing with simply stunning designs!
The badge of slime tee is a rework of our first ever design, the badge of horror. We wanted to create something that looked good but at the same time gave that little bit extra, hence the glow in the dark feature. We wanted to show that it doesn't have to be Halloween to play around with some creepy prints.
Again we went with a creepy theme on this one but instead decided to go for using a live model and got her to wear a creepy mask. We thought it came out excellent using the red half tone affect for the screen print.
A brand new British label judging by the few tees they have but with all the aggressive promotions and fantastic designs I think will do very well. 
Looking forward to more of your wearable arts, Kudos!
For stalking purposes or for purchasing their T-Shirts, check them out on the following: