Geek Shirts HQ News Digest has loads of new tees today and again we are trying to feature as many new brands and designers as possible. Today is no exception as we have designs from 8Ball, Fright Rags and Atomic Rocket.

Check out these awesome designs and let me know what you think of these and if there are any brands or tees you would like to see featured at Geek Shirts HQ.



First of all lets see what is new over at Redbubble
Here is a great design from Eozen, which I am hoping to see more of at Geek Shirts HQ


New Designer at Geek Shirts HQ
New tee from another new designer here at Geek Shirts HQ, this time from a designer called R -evolution GFX

Atomic Rocket Brand New to Geek Shirts HQ
Another new designer, check out this excellent design.





Design by Humans New Limited Edition Tee


A great design, yet another one! from Design By Humans




What's new at 8Ball?
8Ball are a tee brand we have not feature before. They are a UK based t shirt company, and doing great things in the world of tees. Check out a couple of their new offerings below.

Here is an officially licensed tee from Alesena. Alesana are from Raleigh, North Carolina and formed the band in 2004. 

Trending T Shirt

Whatever is trending on Twitter, you have be happy to know that you will always be trending wearing this great tee. I had to include this one as we are called Geek Shirts HQ!






A brilliant Batman inspired t shirt from Glennztees
Zero Punctuation Logo Tee Are Back In Stock At Splitreason
This great tee is back in stock over at Splitreason.


A brand new t brand, Fright Rags, they sell "Kick Ass Horror Shirts" The one one is a strictly limited edition tee inspired by the Muppets. it is available for pre-order now but this ends on July 8th 11:59 EST.



New From Purple Cactus
I remember the cartoon series that inspired this great shirt. Do you know the show I am thinking of?





Geek Shirts HQ News
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