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Loads to get through over at Redbubble
New tees from We Love Fine
Eight & Nine Designs have a new t shirt.
And news of a cool tee from Fright Rags.
Exclusive promotion codes and the new Daily 24 t shirt alert service.
What Is New At Redbubble?
There is 10% off any tee until August 17th using the following coupon code at the Redbubble checkout:
Coupon Code: GREENTEE
And there is more, a couple of awesome designs over at Redbubble.
Has Ended tee by Barmalizer.


Just in time for the elections, get your Chris Nolan Rises shirt plus bonus campaign button and bumper sticker. A really cool tee!
Daily T Shirt Alerts
Welcome to our daily alert service where we try and give you the best designs from the daily t shirt sites. 
Sublevel Studios remains unchallenged when it comes to mixing his favourite Bounty Hunter with other types of pop culture.
A cool nouveau design, and and it has dragons!
 Inspired by Deer Hunter, 2012, elections and all the propaganda that goes with it. 
Eight & Nine are a brand that I think you need to watch out for as i think they are really going places, cool new website, excellent designs, love their branding as well.
Coming Soon Limited Edition Tee From FRIGHT-RAGS
Coming Friday, August 24th…


Shark Week At We Love Fine
It's Shark Week! Which means time for an extreme tee – the ultimate shark, ZombieDollar Creative's "Cyborg Ninja Pirate Shark!":

Might Fine have another Ninja on sale today

“Sushi Ninja” by Roger Von Biersborn 
New At InkAddict
Rodd Diaz of Lucky Bird Tattoo joins InkAddict as one of their feature artists. Check out his cool InkAddict t shirt below

New From Moxy Apparel
A new t shirt is available for pre-order over at Moxy Apparel. With this pre-order you will also receive a secret Wonka Pack consisting of goodies and a chance to win a GOLDEN TICKET where you can win a Moxy gift-card up to £30!
Coupon Code News
Enter the following code OHMYDAYZ at the checkout to get 20% off!!
There is a Back To School sale from TGIFresh Clothing, from now until August 17th. Get 15% off when you spend at least $35 using the following coupon code at the checkout.
Coupon Code: BESTDRESSED2012
It's SHARK WEEK! Get 20% off Arkaik this week with the following coupon code
Geek Shirts HQ News
T shirt of the week from Splitreason is a tee inspired by the Big Bang Theory.
Kid Icthus gets interviewed by Geek Shirts HQ
A New Brand Alert: I Am Azad and an exclusive discount code 
My interview with Graffiti Clothing
An exclusive discount for all readers of Geek Shirts HQ. Get a massive 20% discount on the cool Batman tee below from 8Ball. 
DC T Shirt Batman DK Stencil Mens tee shirts Firefly Shirts, Craven & Space Dynamics Tees, BLUBÖKS, Walter and Batman Logo T Shirts
Coupon Code: GEEK20
Expiry Date: 21st August. PLEASE NOTE:  This code is only valid via the 8Ball website.
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