Welcome to the latest GSHQ New Brand Alert.

We have an exclusive with a brand new apparel brand from Scotland

Calling themselves Now Or Never Apparel.

You can check out my interview and find out more about them below.
Why did you start Now Or Never Apparel?  
I started Now Or Never Apparel because I think that currently there are a lot of companies who aren't using their full potential and creating cool tee's when they could be making amazing tees.  That's where I want to stand out from the crowd. 
When did you start?  
I started talking about starting a clothing brand years ago as an art student but I only started to think about it seriously this year, I started sketching the first design in February and it went through a bit of a makeover to get to the stage it's at now.  
Where are you based?  
We're based in Ayrshire in Scotland.
Where did you get name Now Or Never Apparel?  
Now Or Never was my girlfriends idea, she came up with the name after I spent days thinking of a brand name.  I guess the name applies to how long it took me to get round to creating the company after spending so long talking about it. 
Now Or Never Apparel t shirts
What else can you tell me about Now Or Never Apparel?  
Now Or Never Apparel will always boast carefully created designs with immense detail.  I've got a lot of ideas that I want to get out there. 
What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use?  
We're launching with screen printed Gildan Ultra tee's in white and charcoal.  
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you?  
They can expect great service and an awesome piece of clothing. 
Now Or Never Apparel tees
What plans have you got for the future?  
The plan so far is to push the Now Or Never name out there by hopefully selling out quickly and getting bigger orders in.  I have a pretty big design I’m working on at the minute which will be pretty special when it's launched.  
Where can I find out more about Now Or Never Apparel?  
You can find out more about us by following us on twitter, Facebook and Instagram and checking out the store at Noworneverapparel.com