Today we have Curtis Black, the owner of a new t shirt brand called Obey Vader, he is already has number of other t shirt brands and his own Redbubble store.
Now with his new store he has even more cool t shirts designs to show off to the world!
Let me get Curtis to tell you more
We Art makers, risk takers, casserole bakers….We wear a lot of hats in our lives.
 We are husbands, dad’s, artist’s, music lovers, chefs, skaters, gardeners, etc…
Our designs are funny, ironic, sarcastic, and full of pop culture = bands, zombies, skateboarding, Star Wars. Things we grew up with & still love.
We only design T-shirts/ stickers/ post cards & prints that we think are cool & would wear ourselves (and We do wear them all the time!)
This is a combination of two of my favorite things….Metallica and Star Wars.  The styles blend easily together and the logo is recognizable.  I've gotten very positive feedback on this design. 
This is one of my top sellers.  Designed to look like an authentic dive bar flyer, true Star Wars fans love this design.
 Contact Details
As you can see we also do and the vader site is brand new. Its our first venture on our own without red bubble or skreened.
We hope to all the sites running independent from those sites soon.
Thanks again for a really cool introduction into your new brand Curtis.
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