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 Redbubble Daily Tees Blast
A cool new design inspired by Little Britain. Don't forget to check out Firepower's other great features here at Geek Shirts HQ
I  do love this new design from Warbucks. A great Hulk inspired t shirt. Again check out Warbucks other features here at Geek Shirts HQ: Warbucks Designer Unlocked interview New T Shirt Designs Showcase From Warbucks Design
Starfleet Coffee by SINIST3R
An old favorite of mine, that I wanted to featured for ages!
Hail to the King by fishbiscuit
Another great design from Fishbiscuit. Don't forget to check out her interview with Geek Shirts HQ.
New Stars War Tee from SuperHeroStuff
JINX Signature Collection
J!NX is very excited to bring you this launch of Classics. These are batch of Jinx's own designs that is their signature collection,
Exclusive Discount For Readers Of Geek Shirts HQ.
Batman Fortnight may be over, but you can still get this great t shirt with a MASSIVE 20% discount from 8Ball
Expiry Date: 21 August. Please Note: This code is only valid via the 8ball website
DC T Shirt Batman DK Stencil Mens tee shirts DC T Shirt: Batman DK Stencil Tee From 8Ball





New Tee Joins Glennztees Save Wave
Brutallic Apparel a cool fresh brand originating out of NYC. They were featured in my New Brand Alert series, which you can find here.
They have recently launched some new designs. Check them out below AND don't forget you can get an exclusive 10% discount from Geek Shirts HQ using the following coupon code:
Geek Shirts HQ News
Batman Fortnight maybe over but there is still loads on offer at Geek Shirts HQ
A chance to win the cool new shirt of the week from Geekchic Tees
Geek Shirts HQ Designer Unlocked interview with Ninjaink is now live!
Loads of new exclusive promotional codes have been added. Check them out here.
Brand new feature: New Brand's Alert, where we highlight some of the smaller awesome brands looking to make a name for themselves.
Coming Up On Geek Shirts HQ
  • A massive review of  four (4) 2K2BT t shirts that I was sent.
  • A review of a cool Doctor Who t shirt from Geekchic Tees.
  • And due to the popularity and success of my recent Batman and Spiderman huge list of tees, there will be more big lists coming your way. The first will be The Big Bang Theory with over 120 t shirts!
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