Our Lady Tee

It's been a while since my last tee review, I have been inundated with tees to review but the non blogging part if my life has kept me busy…… Until now! 🙂
Soda Bomb Apparel sent me a t shirt to review but who are Soda Bomb Apparel?
So I thought I would check out their site. Their designs look cool and there is some tattoo influences with their designs.
The website is very basic powered by big cartel, the site has good product shots and is very easy to navigate but could do with some more info about the actual brand such as an About Us page. Hopefully the site is just a work in progress.  Now onto the actual t shirt review. 
Here is the package of the tee that was was sent from Soda Bomb Apparel, it wasn't what I was expecting as most single tees that I receive normally arrive in a plastic mailer (just check any of other reviews to see what I mean).
As you can see, I was sent a small box from Soda Bomb Apparel and I was puzzled as I thought have they (Soda Bomb Apparel) made a mistake? Do they know I am a t shirt blog and I review t shirts? 😛
Now this little box had a big surprise as you can see, there are a couple of cool bottle tops, stickers and what can only be describe as a bomb from the old loony tunes cartoons, I personally loved the packaging, normally I rather a company spend a little extra on the actual tee but I had high hopes from Soda Bomb apparel after seeing their attention to detail.
The tee itself was packaged with a plastic type of cup. The cup was not just a generic cup either, it has the cool Soda Bomb Apparel logo printed on the front. The plastic container came with a lid and string made to look like a fuse wire coming out of the lid, it is obviously fashioned to look like a bomb and thought Soda Bomb did a superb job of this.  
Both the box and the plastic container did an excellent job of protecting the tee during transit, since it was crossing continents to reach me.
As you could see from the picture below, I was given some extras with this cool tee, containing a couple of bottle tops with magnets in the back and a couple of their stickers.
I thought this was a nice addition and it was unusual to include bottle tops, but it shows that Soda Bomb Apparel is all about the small details as the branding on the tops looks amazing.
Now I always have a look to see if this a tagless tee, I know Soda Bomb Apparel had already showed excellent attention to detail with the way the tee had been packaged.
Another good sign of a quality brand is if the tees they sell are tag-less. However  as you can see from the picture, this tee still had a tag, only a minor quibble but I would have preferred it to be tagless.
Now, here is the first look at the actual t shirt itself.  After a good iron, as the tee really needed it 🙂 It is the Our Lady tee and it certainly has a unique design.
The tee is a Gildan Ultra Cotton T Shirt it is 205gsm and feels like a medium to heavy weight t shirt. Gildan are excellent tees and as you can see from the label it is pre-shrunk so no nasty accidents in the wash.

Here is the back of the t shirt and Soda Bomb Apparel have printed their logo at the back which is a nice touch and shows that they have some some thought into their tees.
Here is a closer look at the actual design, an unusual design that really stands out and the line work looks good especially around the lettering.
Here is a close up of the logo at the back of the t shirt.
Here is a close up picture of part of the actual design and you can see the quality of the print.
Now the actual fit of the tee is really good and fits well, the t shirt is super soft and like I said earlier it is also pre-shrunk. The shirt has a taped neck and shoulder and Double stitched sleeve and waist hem. 
Overall i really liked the fit of the tee, super soft and one of Gildans better quality tees, which is also a  medium to heavy cotton. I have washed the t shirt a few times in the wash and so far so good, it has kept its shape and the design still looks good. 
My only minor gripe is that is that the tee is not tag less. 
However that is minor, as I LOVED the way the tee arrive in its cool packaging, the unusual extras (bottletops) and the excellent feel and design of the tee.
I can't wait for some more cool tees from Soda Bomb Apparel.

Now its time for  My Daughter's Verdict

Now the real quality control is my daughter. She is nearly 5 (at the time of writing this), but Aniyah certainly has an opinion of what her dad wears and her verdict is…..

"Yes…Meow I like it!!!"

There you go!! Soda Bomb apparel gets the BIG thumbs up from my daughter! 
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