This week on Tee of the week, Geek Shirts HQ welcomes back Geordie  McLachlin.
This is one of my favorite designs from Geordie as it is a brilliant take on TMNT. I asked the designer back for a quick chat and to find out more about this Oysters In A Half Shell.
What was your inspiration for designing this shirt?
Was watching “TMNT" with my nephew one day after a long hard day at the office of shucking oysters. Been wanting to make some shirts inclined for chefs and cooks of the like so this was my second go at it:)



Think twice next time you decide to slurp those ocean fresh succulent oysters ,
with nail-biting vengeance for the red tide. They are on the prowl for anyone who gets in there way. armed with an arsenal of surprises they deal pain with a 3 inch shucker, payback is in the flick of the wrist- fish monger’s run “pearls are coming”


What was your design process for this shirt?
The first picture below was very early in development,  it shows some of the pathing used. This was one of the first designs I started doing all processes digitally via the path tool. (so no sketches)
The 2nd picture was me thinking it was done but as a week passed, the more I looked at it the more I wasn’t happy with it. So I went into open heart surgery, and tweaked it to the final version. The 4th is a pic  just made today of a “live” shirt
This is the final version of the shirt
Here is the design live on a shirt.
Finally we can we get the shirt?
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Thanks for you time today Geordie, remember if you want to buy the shirt click here to get your Oysters In A Half Shell Shirt.