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This time on the New Brand Alert we have Present Apparel.
Exactly who are Present Apparel?
Let me get Luke, you will find out who is he in a moment to tell you all about Present Apparel.
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Why Present Apparel was started? 
I am Luke the founder of Present from Birmingham UK.
Having a love for street wear and design myself in August of 2012 I decided to start this brand, I thought of 'Pres-ent' meaning current, a period of fashion in our time now.
I hope to achieve a respected look upon my brand even without being a huge name in street wear fashion, for people to appreciate and represent my designs is a massive achievement for myself and this is what I enjoy seeing from my work. 

King T Shirt

King T Shirt
Inspiration Behind My King Design?
I roughly sketched this design while out one day, I thought of wealth which brought me to the 'King' Design. The top of the design shows how the rich can flaunt their possessions, and have money struck vision.
Whilst you get to the mouth which represents the temptation of drugs which most wealthy people fall into, with a pill on the tongue.
For a good example I chose Al Capone showing how someone can have wealth, be big into drugs and crime but evade the authorities for years.
present apparel tees shirts
Printing Methods?
I use Flock for this design, as well as the Chief Tee. Also I use Cotton for some designs which is amazing quality and enhances all the details.
T Shirts I use?
I use 100% ring spun cotton as I love the quality and feel of these T shirts. Soft and not to heavy

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present apparel tees tshirt
Thanks Luke for a cool write up on your brand and your King design.
I like the look of Present Apparel, although they don't have many designs yet, after all they are a young brand, they look like they have the staying power to be around for a long time.