Remember Dan Wolfe from Doodle Dojo? I interviewed him a few weeks ago for the Designers Unlocked Interview series, Well he was kind enough to get back in touch this week to let me know about the release of a new t shirt that he has been working on. Let me get Dan to tell you more about it

Revenge Of The Frogs



Remember Frogger?


Back in the very early 80's one frog was getting a really bad deal out of these newfangled video games. Its been a long time coming, but now he has some genetically mutated friends on his side, its time to get revenge. Why don't you try getting across the road and see how much you like it huh?



Why did you go to an old school game like Frogger for inspiration?


I don't really know why I was thinking about old school video games. But when I thought about turning one of them on its head I just knew it would make a fun picture. All I needed then was the right frog (or perhaps the right collection of frogs). 



How did you start off this design?


I've attached the main frog sketch I used for this one but there isn't really a lot else to show. Its mostly just a bunch of scribbles and toes and eyes on a page, until I get it on to the computer! 🙂


Initial Sketches 

As I said in the description, this one was just from trying to flip ideas on their head. Turn something old the wrong way up and sometimes you get something new. I think I was pretty lucky that no-one seems to have beaten me to this one.



Dan, where can we see your latest design?

  • Redbubble (Where you can buy the shirt as well)


Finally Dan, Can you tell me more about your brand Doodle Dojo 


Its a name I came up with when I first started getting into selling my designs online about a year ago. I wanted to be some sort of t-shirt ninja really, but as you can imagine that has been used a few times. So I thought I'd start out a little lower, honing my skills in the dojo first. 🙂 The name now seems to fit really well, so I imagine its going to be staying around a bit longer yet. I'm still amazed that my work gets the reaction it does. Seeing that people are actually choosing to wear stuff with my doodles on is just such a great feeling.



Huge thanks again for running this as shirt of the week!     



I really like this design, Dan has come up with something original from such a recognisable game. Sometimes I think it is difficult out of such a simple game. But hey what do I know about design apart from the fact I really like this tee.