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Here at GSHQ towers we literally scour every part of the known world and beyond. Break every privacy law known to man (and woman) to bring you the best t shirts designs.
This week, with the recent news of a new Star Wars film in development, provisonaly titled Episode 7 (What a great title!) I thought it was time to bring you a cool Star Wars inspired shirt of the week.

Run R2 T Shirt From Splitreason

So where CP30?
Why is R2 being chased by an AT-AT
What the hell does AT-AT mean?
Why can't I stop asking questions in my own reviews?
Well there is no CP3O to save R2 from the AT-AT, he too busy getting this thang on with a vacuum cleaner I think! 🙂
As for the AT-AT, (it means All Terrain Armoured Transport), it looks like it likes to be a bully and pick on droids a lot smaller than it self.
However looking at the design R2 is giving the AT-AT a run for its money.
I never thought the little droid could come out with so much profanity.
A cool design from Splitreason, it is 100% cotton, and a 10.2 ounce t shirt.
The t shirt is well fitted with double needle cover seamed neck and taped at the neck and shoudlers.
It has a double needle sleeve and bottom.
The tee is also pre-shrunk so no nasty accidents while in wash when the only person it will fit is your 4 years old brother.
This design is one of Splitreasons best sellers, so check it out before the AT AT gets R2 D2 or even worse it sells out.
A simple design concept that probably took hours to come up with, most of what seems like simple designs usually do.
However I love the way the design has been executed, with the simple white silhouettes next to the navy blue background and the add touch of R2 spewing profanities!

Available at Splitreason

I hope some Jedi motherf****rs comes along and smoke this AT AT ass, as I don't know how much longer the little droid can out run the mechanical beast.