Santa Carla Boardwalk

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where we try and uncover that really goes on behind the brands you buy your tees from.
This week we have a brand a brand based in Ireland.
Someone who is a massive fan of movies and was wanted to make t shirts that he wanted to wear that would celebrate the movies that he loved.
I am talking about Santa Carla Boardwalk, interesting name! Do you know where it came from?
There is a contest at the end of the interview to enter if you do!
Anyway getting back to the interview Santa Carla Boardwalk has been in existence for a relatively short period of time and already their collections boasts a number of high quality designs based on iconic American movies.

Geek Shirts HQ welcomes Santa Carla Boardwalk

……………the latest t shirt brand to get undressed.
Who are the people behind Santa Carla Boardwalk? Can you start by giving some background about yourself? Where you are from? How did you get into selling t shirts?
My name is John Beattie, I'm a designer / editor and VFX artist based in Belfast, Ireland.  I've always loved cool films – they are such an intrinsic part of my childhood and they have always inspired my work, be it in print, video or whatever else I'm doing.
I became interested in producing t-shirts because basically I wanted them for myself!  I wasn't interested in the mass produced movie licensed t-shirts that you could get in all the shops.  I wanted something else, something different – and once I started wearing them, more and more people were asking me where I got them.
Who creates the designs?
The designs are all created by me really.  However, I am lucky to be surrounded by a really creative group of people – including my wife and my best friends.  We all are of the one age group and we all seem to think alike, so I get lots of ideas from those around me.

The Back To The Future 2  'Alternate 1985' T Shirt

The Back To The Future 2  Alternate 1985 T Shirt o

Available at Santa Boardwalk

What process do you follow when designing a shirt?
Designs always start the same way – by watching old movies, which is a treat in itself!  When I see something that I think might work as a shirt, I always run an internet search because it's really important that the shirts on my site are exclusive – if I see someone else has beat me to it, good for them, I won’t steal their idea.
From that point, it's all the same really – pencil and paper, then scanner and Illustrator.  
How would you describe your design style?
I'd like to say my design style is adaptive, but I'll let others decide for themselves.  I do have a method of working though, which helps bring the design together.  
Once I decide on a film, the year the film is set is of extreme importance to me in creating the design.  What I do is research the time period for design inspiration so that, in theory, the design should suit the subject matter.  Which is obviously why, say for instance our Ed Wood shirt is radically different to the design of our Alien shirt.  

The Fight Club ' Not Talking' T Shirt

The Fight Club  Not Talking T Shirt

Available at Santa Boardwalk

Where did you get the name  Santa Carla Boardwalk?
This is always a popular question and people ask us to shorten the name – people say it's a real mouthful! But it's simple, the name is obviously taken from the Joel Schumacher movie The Lost Boys.  I've always loved that film and the setting- the little fictional California sea-side town of Santa Carla.  The Boardwalk was the hangout of course, where all the action happened. 
Can you tell me more the brand Santa Carla Boardwalk?
Our brand is very much inspired by American movies and culture. 
Everything about the brand should evoke some kind of reaction because it's all based on stuff from movies you love. 
We also believe in the little touches that help set us apart – just small things; from our simple yet stylish packaging, our vintage movie cards (included with all shirts), or even our somewhat 'different from the norm' email notifications.

Ghostbusters ‘Relax, I’ve Found The Car’ Shirt

Ghostbusters ‘Relax I’ve Found The Car Shirt

Available at Santa Carla Boardwalk

What makes Santa Carla Boardwalk different from other Apparel Vendors? What is your USP?
We have a bit of a blurb on our website, which is a little soppy – we are after all only making t-shirts, which in itself isn't at all cool, it's what they represent that's cool…
"You want to stand out and be different and not wear the same high street T-shirt as everyone else. The one with the print from the movie that reminds you of the time you first fell in love, got high, made new friends, had the best summer, lost your virginity, got in trouble at school or even when someone died. These are your memories, and you've lived through them" 
This is why making our shirts completely exclusive to us is so important – we know there are lots of people – the vast majority  in fact- who see our shirts and won't get it, but it's all about the minority who see them and think "shit, that's cool"!

The Teen Wolf ‘Howards Hardware T Shirt

The Teen Wolf Howards Hardware T Shirt

Available at Santa Boardwalk

What’s coming next for Santa Carla Boardwalk?
I'm just trying to keep putting the brand out there.   I really enjoy what I do and hopefully the business will continue to gain popularity and keep growing.
How much importance do you place on Facebook Twitter and similar sites when marketing your brand?
I do keep a Facebook and Twitter feed going.  They are updated everyday and are pretty up to the minute.  The feature all of our product launches and stuff that's coming up.  To be honest though – like most SN feeds – it ends up having tons of crazy thoughts and opinions on all things movie related.  Have a look, it can be amusing!

The Raiders 'Tanis Dig' shirt

The Raiders Tanis Dig shirt

Available at Santa Carla Boardwalk

When getting your apparel printed what is the process that you prefer and why?
The majority of our designs are printed with water-based screen inks.  This gives the nicest feel to the finished garment in my opinion.  We do some vinyl work too though.  We've a great supplier of a hot-peel vinyl that has a very soft hand on the garment and looks great too.
What brands of apparel do you prefer to print on?
Like most t-shirt companies, we'd probably like to be printing on American Apparel shirts, but they're not the easiest to get in Europe.  However we now print on Gildan Softstyle shirts.  They are great quality – they hold up well over time and they have a great fashion fit – slightly slimmer than the regular Tees.  Our customers seem to like them.
Santa Carla Boardwalk Social Media Chanels
Any new products in the pipeline for Santa Carla Boardwalk that we need to look out for?
We update our store every week with new designs – but, you're gonna have to keep an eye on that Twitter feed for the inside info!

Santa Carla Boardwalk Contest

Here is a cool contest if you want to win the Alternate 1985 t shirt or the Raiders t shirt.
Just have to answer the following question and post your answer to Santa Carla Boardwalks Facebook page

Q. What is the name of the real California coastal city that The Lost Boys was shot?

The contest closes Monday 8th April 10 am GMT.
The winner will picked at random after this date.