This week we have an apparel brand that is really a one man brand.
Run by Matthew Johnson, Seventh.Ink has been borne out of his passion to create cool designs that can be printed. These can be wearable or hanging on the wall. Matt’s tagline ‘Shirts With Fury’ denotes a designer working furiously on his designs.
He is never satisfied with what he has and is always looking to push his own boundaries further to create more awesome designs.
Receiving many plaudits since its initial inception, Seventh.Ink has gone on from strength to strength with an excellent range of designs within their shirt collection and now flask, belt buckles and buttons.
The brand is looking to expand further with the recent success of their Kick-starter campaign to raise further funds.. Matt is certainly raising the bar for cool designs that an even cooler price.
My favourite design can be seen at the end of the interview (Matt’s cool Knocked Speechless design). It was this design that introduced to me Matthew Johnson and his talent for creating some very original designs.
Geek Shirts HQ welcomes Seventh.Ink, the latest coolest brand to get undressed.
Who are the people behind Seventh.Ink? Can you start by giving some background about yourself? Where you are from? Who creates the designs? How did you get into shirt design?
Seventh.Ink is a one man brand run by myself, Matthew Johnson, out of the Tampa, FL area. I'm a graphic designer and illustrator who is originally from Minnesota. Life's journeys have brought my wife and I down to Florida after a short stint in New York. 
I was introduced to screen printing near the end of college when I took up an internship at Rebel Ink in St. Paul, MN. The owner, Todd Turfler, took me under his wing as his graphics guy and as I worked with him I found that the idea of designing and creating shirts really excited me.
The thought that people could wear my art out in the world was all that I needed to get me motivated to start my own clothing company on the side. It's been five years now and I've never looked back.
"Cool off after a long day in the sun and revive yourself with a refreshing Imperial Sandtrooper IPA, served right here in historic downtown Mos Eisley. These are the hops you're looking for."
Where did you get the name Seventh.Ink?
The name comes from my graphic design freelance company, Seventhfury Studios. Just changed up the name a bit, originally Seventh.Ink was going to be connected to Seventhfury Studios, but the two grew in different directions and Seventh.Ink needed to be on its own.
Can you tell me more about the brand Seventh.Ink?
I started with more humorous and simple designs, but I found that I really wanted to push the brand more into the illustration realm. I like working with lots of detail, and each new design has more than the last as I work to improve my skills. In many ways, Seventh.Ink is a road map to my evolution as an illustrator. 
"There is no spell of love and beauty as potent as the one cast from the gaze of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love."
What makes different from other Apparel Vendors? What is your USP?
Well, everything is done by myself aside from the product printing and production. Nothing else is outsourced, so all art, web/marketing design, shipping, etc., is handled by me. It's pretty wild really, because Seventh.Ink is something I still consider a side gig while I continue doing graphic design for the bigger part of my day.
What’s coming next for Seventh.Ink?
Lots of great stuff including more boxed sets, limited edition items, and possibly glassware. Last year I released keychains, leather wallets, and leather wristbands to add to the brand, so I have to try and top that. 
"Look out, legions of Zombie Bread are walking the earth! They seek Graaaaains and no toaster or butter knife can stop them."
Where do you see yourself in 10 years both for yourselves and your business?
Not sure at this point. I hope that I'm still working on Seventh.Ink stuff, but I'm not 100% sure if I want to open an actual storefront or not. That's something I consider all the time, we'll just have to see how the next few years go. 🙂
When getting your apparel printed what is the process that you prefer?
Water based discharge, it's been great to me and the results are impressive.
"Support the Empire in its conquest by drinking Imperial Stout, the official Dark Sith Brew. Your taste buds will swell with The Force as you enjoy every ounce of this legendary brew from a galaxy far, far away."
What brands of apparel do you prefer to print on?
American Apparel, all the way.
What would a customer expect when ordering a product from yourselves?
A personal touch with every order, and a high quality product. I also include free stickers and other freebies from time to time. 
Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
Feeling nostalgic at this point, so I'll give a shout to Todd Turfler from Rebel Ink for getting me interested in the business. He also runs a hilarious infant clothing line called Rebel Ink Baby, the guy really knows how to push boundaries with great results.
Is there anything else you want to add?
I love coffee and beer, is that a conflict of interest?
"Behold, the furious power of Poseidon, Greek god of the sea! One wave of his magnificent trident causes the earth to tremble, perhaps for the last time."
Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you
Everything is available at
Instagram – @seventhfury
Thank you Matt for a really cool interview, don't forget to check out Matt's awesome designs over at the Seventh.Ink website.
You can check this cool design below as well, which happens to be my favourite and and it was this design that introduced me to the world of Seventh.Ink.