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Sleep Terror Clothing is the brainchild of one man, Jonathan Chau, hailing from San Francisco, Jonathon has taken his interests in science fiction and horror and turned into a cool t shirt brand.
To be a success in an overcrowded on line world of t shirt brands you have to be different, I think that Jonathon has achieved this with his eye catching designs, influenced by his nightmares and his interests along with desire to try and personally say thank you in some way to every customer that orders from Sleep Terror Clothing.
At the end of the interview Jonathon has kindly given GSHQ readers an exclusive 10% discount that can be used at their on line store.
Geek Shirts HQ welcomes Sleep Terror Clothing, The Latest Brand To Get Undressed.
Sleep Terror Clothing TEE
Who are the people behind Sleep Terror Clothing?
Sleep Terror Clothing is just me at the moment
Can you start by giving some background about yourself?
I am a Dickinson College graduate, 24 years old. I am an avid horror and science fiction fan with an intense passion for designing/creating.

Ahh Real Monster T Shirt

Ahh Real Monster T Shirts

Available at Sleep Terror Clothing

Where you are from? Who creates the designs? How did you get into shirt design?
I am from San Francisco, but moved to New York when I was a teenager. I design the majority of the designs, but also work with other artists that I like or admire to create some of Sleep Terror designs.
I first fell in love with graphic design/t-shirt design when I was a teenager designing merchandise and posters for my own band at the time as well as other bands in the New York metal/hard-core scene.
Shortly after, I held a job at The End Records in Brooklyn, NY as a screen printing assistant. There I learned the process and hard work that goes behind preparing the screens for printing and how designs get printed onto t-shirts.
What process do you follow when designing a shirt?
For all the Sleep Terror designs I typically keep a dream journal next to my bed. Whatever dreams or nightmares I have the night before get written into the journal; sometimes I even doodle characters into the notebook. If I like an idea enough I will transform the concept into a full sketch and t-shirt design.

Pulling Teeth T Shirt

Pulling Teeth T Shirt

Available at Sleep Terror Clothing

Where did you get the name Sleep Terror Clothing?
I suffer from a condition called sleep paralysis and it causes me to have these terribly intense nightmares. It causes my brain to feel awake, sometimes my eyes will be open, and the rest of my body is paralyzed because it is still asleep.
Can you tell me more the brand Sleep Terror Clothing?
The idea of the brand started in my dorm room at Dickinson College, where I drew my first monster (The Vortex) from a nightmare that I had about space travel.

Monster (unisex) T Shirt

Monster  T Shirt

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What makes Sleep Terror Clothing different from other Apparel Vendors? What is your USP?
Sleep Terror is inspired completely by dreams, nightmares and the monsters that haunt them.
What’s coming next for Sleep Terror Clothing?
I’m currently working on a summer line which means more nightmares and more scary monsters!

Sleep Terror Clothing tees

Where do you see yourself in 10 years both for yourselves and your business?
Still creating art and hopefully expanding Sleep Terror Clothing further. I would love to bring Sleep Terror to Comic Con or Warped Tour!
How much importance do you place on Facebook Twitter and similar sites when marketing your brand?
I think social media marketing is extremely important for any independent brand, not just mine. I believe the most reliable form of marketing through social media sites is word of mouth; there is no better way to find out about a brand than through your friends.
Additionally, it allows for engagement with fans and a chance to hear their story. I absolutely love when people tweet or message me about their own sleep paralysis experiences.

Terrorizer Zip Up Hoodie

Terrorizer Zip Up Hoodie tees

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What brands of apparel do you prefer to print on?
In terms of t-shirts definitely American Apparel. As far as hoodies go I really like ITC.
What would a customer expect when ordering a product from you?
I like to leave customers with a little surprise, since I cannot physically be there to say thank you and shake their hands all Sleep Terror orders come with two types of stickers and a thank you card. Sometimes I try to sneak a hand drawn sketch card with every order 😉

Monsters Under The Bed

Monsters Under The Bed tees

Available at Sleep Terror Clothing

This was the tee that first introduced me to Sleep Terror Clothing, a great design!
Who are your favourite designers and/or brands?
Who are your influences?
Pretty much everyone in the list above.
Is there anything else you want to add? Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you
The best place to buy Sleep Terror Clothing t-shirts is www.sleepterrorclothing.com and if anyone has any sleep paralysis experiences hey would like to share, questions about the brand or just want to say hi! you can always email me personally to jonathan@sleepterrorclothing.com
Sleep Terror Clothing SHIRT
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