Sound Of Nature 6 Shirts

 I am always starting these reviews stating i came home to find a package waiting for me blah blah blah I am not going to do that any more :).
I was contacted by 9Fountains recently regarding a review, I have to be honest I never came across 9Fountains before.
Now I know I am a t shirt blog but there are literally hundreds if not thousands of online t shirt stores so impossible to keep up with all of them, but i try my best.

So the next question was who exactly are 9Fountains?

A quick check on the website, 9Fountains website is easy to navigate with a large number of tees and its a designer centric store
I asked 9Fountains for a bit of background on their cool brand, this is what they had to say
9 Fountains originally launched as t-shirt design competition in late 2010, with the goal of promoting artists and elevating design in South East Asia. Many of the more popular designs remain on the site to this day.
In September 2012, we made the decision to shift away from t-shirt design contests in order to focus our promotional efforts on a select group of internationally recognized artists that we feel accurately reflect the values of 9 Fountains and push the boundaries of art, apparel, and creativity in general.
All new designs now come from this hand-picked group of artists.
The 9 artists that make up what we refer to as the 9 Fountains Collective, come from all over the globe. Peru, Indonesia, Philippines, UK, Spain and France are some of the nations represented.
While they come from different backgrounds and artistic genres, two main attributes bind the group together: a dedications to their craft and the creative vision to produce the unexpected.
As you can see the tee was delivered in a standard plastic mailer and provided more than enough protection for the tee considering how far it has come
Here is the tee taken out of the packaging, STILL neatly folded with a 9Fountains branded ribbon wrapped around it.
It is good to see the tee is tagless with a custome 9Fountains printed tag in place of a generic tag.
The tee itself is called Sound Of Nature and was designed by Frederic Levy-Hadida, 9Foundtains were kind enough to get in contact with Frederic for me to give me the low down on this cool design of his.
 – I made this design for a themed contest about music.
The idea was to work with a simple sign, something everyone will recognize all over the planet.
I throwed a musical key on my canvas, then i dived in my hard drive searching for the floral elements i draw some months ago to add them to the basic shape.
After that, when the idea is there , i just let go my imagination, trying to surprise myself.I like to create complex and intricate designs.I l am a visual story teller.
I work like a poet, but instead of words, i use shapes, colors, composition.
 – Frederic Levy-Hadida
Take a closer look at the actual design, the printing process the tees use is printed using direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. This way according to 9fountains means that the designs submitted will not be limited by the number of colours as is the case with traditional printing  methods.
Also, DTG printing is able to print artwork with intricate details onto t-shirts.
As you can see, the design does have some intricate work and if you take a closer look at the tee design I think the Direct to Garment method of printing that 9Fountains have used, has done a decent job of reproducing the detail.
Now onto the actuual tee itself, the tee is made from a lighterweight cotton, Zal from 9Fountains [ he was very helpful 🙂 ] told me that the tees are 140gsm 100% ring spun cotton, with the exception of their heather grey shirts which are 85% ring spun cotton and 15% viscose.
All their tees are also pre-washed so shrinkage should be minimal. 
The tee is very soft next to the skin and fits well, it is a light weight cotton and the design I think does look good with lots of detail.
Overall, 9fountain sent me a cool tee, I am not a massive fan of lightweight cotton tees, (must be where I am from, even in the Summer it is cold here) but the design is distinctive.
The tee had been washed a few times, the design still looks good and it has still kept its shape. i like the muted colours on the grey tee. Zal who was my contact over at 9Fountains was very helpful and was able to provide the information that I requested.
I always think, it is the people behind the brands make them a success. and if I look into my crystal ball, i can see a good future for 9Fountains and I am excited about their plans for a new design collective of 9 premier designers, could be fantastic if executed correctly. 

Now onto the important verdict, my daughters opinion

ANIYAH REVIEW Our Lady Tee By Soda Bomb Apparel, GSHQ T Shirt Review
Well Aniyah, what do you think?

It's nice but I want more colour!!


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