More great news from Geek Shirts HQ, 4 new Spider Man tees, news of a sale from Glennztees and Meatbun have brought out a new range as well.


New Amazing Spider Man Movie T Shirts From Superherostuff

Check out Superherostuff as they have release 4 new Spider Man Tees based on the new movie. Check these excellent shirts below.


Amazing Spider Man Movie Symbol T Shirt

This great tee features the brand new symbol from the new movie, the symbol has changed and it appears more 'stretched out'

than previous versions of the symbol. I love the new shirt and the style of the new symbol, I don't think black and white is the colour scheme for the new symbol.

Amazing Spider Man Movie Poster T Shirt

This great shirt, shows the image of Spider Man that is being featured on a lot of the posters at them moment with his back slightly turned.

Amazing Spider-Man Movie Downside Up T-Shirt

A great pose from Spider Man, showing his typical upside down hanging pose from the new movie.

Amazing Spider Man Movie Stalking Spy T Shirt

This great Amazing Spider-Man Movie Stalking Spy T-Shirt highlights Spider Man in front of a spider-marked city in high contrast colors!




Glennztees Super Summer Save Wave

All tees have been reduced until Sunday  to $15.95 in Glennztess massive Super Summer Save Wave sale. I picked out a few of my favorites below.


This shirt depicts a Rubix cube melting. This shirt was worn by the character of Sheldon on the popular TV show The Big Bang Theory.

Cherry Topiary

This shirt crosses the ever popular PAC-Man with gardening




Meatbun Has New Tees

Meatbun has release a number of new tees at their store. Thi range is called Checkpoint, this range is for anyone who is a fan of anything that has wheels in a video game. It could be driving, racing, karting or skateboarding. Here are a couple of my favorites from the new range.

Ninja Magic

Ninja Magic sees an unusual combination with skateboarding and ninjas in this brilliant shirt. This tee has been illustrated by Mitch Loidolt.

Peel Out

This shirt has been illustrated by the talented Nina Matsumoto. It shows a pissed off ape with the dring a Kart with the capability of launching an explosive turtle.



There is also more exciting features this week as we will have another interview in the series of Designer Unlocked. And an exciting feature coming our way this Thursday sees the first designer that was interviewed by Geek Shirts HQ Warbucks Design, talking about some of his new designs. 

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