Welcome to the Geek Shirts HQ News Digest!

Lots of new tee releases from some of the big brands and a few indie releases thrown in for good measure.
New tees from Snorg Tees
T Shirt Bordello and t Shirt Laundry make a welcome return to Geek Shirts HQ with some fantastic new releases.
News tee from All Round Clothing and a new tee from the band Your Demise.
And of course lots more
Lets start as ever with what is new over at Redbubble.

Redbubble New Designs 

LIVEWRONG T SHIRT (black on yellow)

by apalooza


by Blair Campbell

A Very Potter Puppets PalS Tshirts

by starkat
A Very Potter Puppets Pals T shirts

From Threadless

Something Strange In You Beverage T-shirt

Threadless Guys Tee
Designed by David Staffel, a brilliant design inspired by the Ghostbusters.

Design By Humans

its been a while since I have featured any DBH designs. I have found some awesome designs in their 50 Most Wanted List.

The Little Red Cape T- Shirt

The little red cape T SHIRT
Here the designer Spykeee, has an alternative vision of Red Riding Hood, where the wolf is being kept as a pet. You can check out both these iconic figures in a spooky woods setting in the excellent design.

New Releases From Snorg Tees

Snorg Tees has three new tees, taking references from popular culture and put making something humorous out if it. I think all three are strong releases this week.

Parkour T-Shirt

Parkour T Shirt

We Have Chemistry Together T-Shirt

We have so much chemistry together T Shirt

Light Me Up Bomb T-Shirt

Light Me Up Bomb T Shirt

New From T Shirt Laundry

T Shirt Laundry has a number of new releases this wee, here is the pick of the best,

Piece Of Mind T-Shirt

Piece of Mind t SHIRT

A Pie Chart About Pie T-Shirt

A Pie Chart About Pie t SHIRT 1

New From T Shirt Bordello

T Shirt Bordello always like to turn popular references on their headabd they have done again with 2 excelkent designs.

Bruce Campbell's Soup T-Shirt

Bruce Campbells Soup T-Shirt

DJ Leia T-Shirt

DJ Leia T-Shirt

Filthy Candy Restock

Fllthy Candy has had a full restock of all their items and the store has reopened from January 21st.

Your Demise Merchandise

Your Demise is a five piece Band from the UK. They have a brand new EP on pre-oder and you can puchase it in a bundle with a new tee as well.

Cold Chillin T-Shirt

And you can check out one of my favorite tees from their collection. This one is a example of some great line work.

Push Me Under T Shirt

Push Me Under - T-Shirt

New Release From All Round Clothing

Golden Acorn Tee

Golden Acorn T SHIRT
A brand new release from All Round Clothing. This is the first tee that has been custom cut and sewn. The Acorn print is in a special gold foil and custom labelling. 
It looks like All Round Clothing have really stepped up their game with this new release.

Geek Shirts HQ News 

New brand alert from Present Apparel.
Coming soon
A cool new contest to win an awesome tee,
My review of The Chinese Stuntman 
I also want to wish Hide Your Arms, the daddy of t shirt blogs a happy seventh birthday 🙂
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