Welcome to another edition of the Geek Shirts HQ news digest, where we bring you the latest shirts, offers and coupon codes from the world of t shirts (well we try to).
News on a new shirt from Syline Online as well as an exclusive coupon code for geek shirts HQ readers and the latest shirts from Threadless are among the highlights today There is also news on an interview with T Shirt Designer InkOne.
Anti Jubilee: God Save The Queen T-Shirt
Designed for anyone who is not in the mood to celebrate an unemployed lady spending 60 years living at the taxpayers' expense while living a life of unbridled luxury jetting off around the world.
This t-shirt, of course, doffs its cap to the famous 1977 "God Save The Queen" single cover by the Sex Pistols, but replaces the face of Her Maj with a skull and the text across the eyes with an anti-royalist slogan of your choice.
You can buy the shirt here
Here is a fantastic new tee newly available from Stylin Online. This Captain America shirt is based on the the superhero's costume and is a fully licensed product. 
New Shirts From Threadless
Check out these new tees from Threadless

The British Empire Strikes Back

You can buy this shirt threadless, click here.
I really like this shirt a great Star Wars themed mash up

8-Bit Blues by Jacques Mae

A great mario shirt, get it here.
NoiseBot has a massive 20% on everything, that is right all prices have been reduced and there is more. There is also free shipping on all orders over $100 dollars within the USA using the following code:
Coupon Code: NoiseBot100ShipFree
Noisebot have some great shirts, two of my favorites are below.
This one is probably my favorite Big Bang Theory Shirt and the one that is the most identifiable. You can buy it here.
The text in this design reads, "One side will make you grow taller. The other side will make you grow smaller". Parody designed by Sandra Rieunier Duval. 100% cotton t-shirt with screen print.
Another great shirt, buy it here.
  • Have you checked out the new tee of the week. This weeks tee sees the return of Dan Wolfe of Doodle Dojo and it is a great Fogger inspired shirt check it out here.

  • If you missed my interview with Dan in the Designer Unlocked Series you can check out his interview here.

  • Dan is also being featured on other sites (of course!), check out his recent interview at TShirtRoundUp where he is their featured designer this week.

Breaking News: Inkone Has A New Design Featured ON ShirtPunch
Inkone has a new tee available form ShirtPunch tomorrow and I will have an interview with Inkone tomorrow, talking about his new design.
An Exclusive Code For All Geek Shirts HQ Readers
Seventh Ink Clothing has an exclusive code for all Geek Shirts HQ Readers for 10% off at their store.
Coupon code: Geekshirtshq
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