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Ever wandered if Superman ever got changed in a TARDIS  instead of a phone booth?
I know the answer is yes, it is something we all ask ourselves! 🙂 it seems Kev Brett did as well so when he asked himself the very same question, he came up with…….
The New Geek Shirts HQ Tee of the Week from Kev Brett!
A cool design from Kev Brett, making it the second time, he has launched a new design on Geek Shirts HQ. Trust me, he knows how honored he is! 🙂
With the launch of the new Dr Who series coming up, and the new Superman movie,  Man Of Steel. I think he has got the timing  just right with this clever design.
Let me get Kev to tell you more about this week's Shirt Of The Week Launched Today!
So what should I do next? What should be my next tee design? I've tackled Batman, The Avengers, Star Wars…what next?
I wanted to do a mash up of two popular and instantly recognisable icons. And what can be more iconic than a british phone box…?
Well how about the man of steel?
It always surprised me that Superman would have to go in a phone box to get changed, he's faster than a speeding bullet, so he should have no trouble getting his kit off in public without anyone seeing him…but then I'd have no tee design!
When I was a kiddie the Dr Who theme tune used to freak me out. As soon as it came on we'd have to turn over the channel. Ooo eee ooooooo! Oooo eee ooooo! Freaky!
So once again I started up the old computer and opened up Manga Studio. I wanted to limit the amount of colours to 4 and again use the colour of the shirt strongly. The phone box was very angular and cold (probably a little unlike the actual Tardis, but then looks can be deceiving), a lot of straight lines.
Obviously had to have a good contrast to that with the man of steel, so needed fairly curvy lines. I wanted to make sure we could see his glasses and that famous tuft of hair. AND of course that extra bit of colour, that famous bit of colour, the red and the yellow had to make an appearance!!
The limit to 4 colours was fun and challenging, especially when red and yellow HAD to be used to be effective, but the dark blue really is a good, strong base colour and I feel works very effectively.
Pleased with the final design, very minimal but hopefully very effective and instantly recognisable!
Hope you like the finished design, it's now available over in my Red Bubble store, so go grab yourself one.
Thank you Kev!
Don't forget to check out Kev's new design over at his Redbubble store.