Lots of news in todays Geek Shirts HQ News Digest. There are exclusive shirts from Truffle Shuffle, a Batman sale and new tees at SuperHeroStuff. And news of what is upcoming on Geek Shirts HQ.


Exclusive tees from Truffle Shuffle

Truffle Shuffle has a fantastic range of  exclusive retro slogan shirts. So now let your t shirt do all the talking. Check out a few of my favorites below.

By The Power Of GreySkull

A great retro shirt showing a classic image from the old tv series and of course there is the classic battle cry from He-man. BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL!!

Bite Me Count Duckula T Shirt

Any of you remember the world's most unusual vampire? Well his name was Count Ducula, this is a great retro tee and the brilliant Bite me slogan.

Made In The Eighties Invaded T Shirt

If you remember the 8 bit days of games like Space Invaders from the 1980's with their simple graphics but very addictive gameplay then you will love this brilliant tee.



New Tees From Splitreason

Splitreason always have some great original designs at their store, check out some of their latest designs below.

Pixel Fighter T-Shirt

If you loved the old retro games of the eighties then you will love this great tee. 

Satellite Of Love T Shirt

I love the artwork in this great design by Glen Brogan



Sale And New Tees From Superherostuff

There is a sale on all Batman products at Superherostuff. 12% off all batman products. The sale ends on the 6th June.

Use the following coupon code. Coupon Code: BAT12

You can use the code on some of these fantastic Batman t shirts.

Dark Knight Rises Dripping Symbol T Shirt

Dark Knight Rises batman shirts

These Batman tees for the new movie look awesome. Check out this great example.

Dark Knight Rises Enemies Clash T Shirt

Batman and Bane clash in this tee, again I love the artwork.

Dark Knight Rises Enter Catwoman T Shirt

catwoman shirts

Here is a great pose from Ann Hathaway as Catwoman, it is me or does she look like a Bond villain?


There are also more new releases from SuperHeroStuff

Superman X-Rayed T Shirt

I don't think I have ever featured a Superman tee here at Geek Shirts HQ

Spiderman Granite Wash T Shirt

Another great Spiderman Tee.



Geek Shirts HQ News

T Shirt Brands Undressed

This week sees the launch of a brand new feature here at Geek Shirts HQ.
T Shirt Brand Undressed is about the brands and the people behind it.
Launching this Thursday we have Kelly from Saucewear and Tee Gazette, giving an interview.


Tee Of The Week


This weeks tee of the week comes from Warbucks Design:The Four Elements, check out why and how he created this fantastic design here. There is also a chance to win one of these fantastic shirts.
Don't forget Warbucks Designs have been featured before at Geek Shirts HQ.


Designer Unlocked


Tomorrow we have another in the designer unlocked series of interviews. This is where we interview the best t shirt designers available.
This week sees Thomas Kitchen AKA TeeKetch in the hot seat.

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