Welcome to a brand new feature from Geek Shirts HQ. T Shirt Brand Undressed. This is where we interview the people behind the sites where you buy your favorite tees. We will be highlighting new brands and established ones. Lifting the lid on what goes on behind the scenes with the t shirt brands.

This week we have Kelly Murphy owner of Saucewear  (and Tee Gazette).

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Can you start by giving some background about Saucewear? How did it originate?
Saucewear originated as an idea that myself and a friend of mine had. Someone had asked me to do some t-shirts for them for an event, and I absolutely loved the process, so once I was done with the event, I decided it was something I wanted to get into. My original partner jumped in with me and saucewear was born!

What about the people behind Saucewear?  Who are they?

Saucewear is owned and operated by myself, Kelly Murphy. Sometimes I wish I had some little helper elves, but nope…. it's just me.  

What prompted you to go from running a very successful t shirt blog to creating your own brand?

Actually, its the other way around. Tee Gazette came a few years after saucewear was launched. 

Ok, When did Saucewear launch?

Saucewear launched in September of 2006 originally, but the re-branding launched in September of 2008, which is the saucewear you know today. 

Where did the name sauce wear come from?

Oh, the folklore on how I got the name for my brand is out there, but honestly, the name just came out of some brainstorming between myself and my original partner, once she left the brand, the name stuck and it was kept. 

Describe sauce wear in five words

An indie brand from Boston

What makes Saucewear different from other t shirt sites?

I put a lot of love and sunshine into every order I ship out, and no one else can claim that. Only I can provide my love and My sunshine. 🙂
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What is your background? How did you get into blogging/ t shirt store?
I have a strong customer service background, some design training, and a love for t-shirts. Smoosh that all together and you have me. I love to give back to the t-shirt community through Tee Gazette and I love to clothe humans through my saucewear shop.
With the success you have had with Tee Gazette and now Saucewear, do you have any advice for newbies?
I have picked up some snippets of advice along the way, but honestly I just think the best thing I can say to anyone starting out is to just stick with it, success isn't going to happen overnight. You have to put hard work into your business, but it'll eventually grow. Keep at it!
What is your favorite shirt from Saucewear?
My favorite saucewear designs is one that isn't available yet. It's coming, but it's not here. Hopefully in a few months. The more shirts I sell, the closer we are to my next drop of designs! *hint, hint*
What is the most popular shirt on Saucewear?
My STFU Shirt is a popular design, and also We're Going To The Winchester, which is one that is designed by the good folks over at GritFX T-shirts.
STFU tee shirts
We're Going to Winchester tee Shirts LIMITED EDITION
Are you working on anything new for Saucewear?

Yes, I have three new designs ready to go, I just need funding for them. Once I get that…. I'll print them up and release them. Hopefully I'll have more in the pipe before then. 

What other interests and hobbies do you have when you’re not running your online empire?

Well, in the time that I have between working full time, going to school, running both Saucewear and Tee Gazette…. well… as long as I'm having a good time, I'm happy. You can usually find me on the beach during the summer, and I'll usually have a book (aka: my Kindle) in my hand. 

Anyone you want to give a shout out to?

My posse: Manz from GritFX (@GritFX), Jared from Design Juices (@JThompsonDesign) and Crocktees (@Crocktees). I wouldn't be where I am now without them. They're great peeps and I love them like family.

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