A Saturday Of Excitement And Many First Here In Geek Shirts HQ News Digest
What's Happening Over At Redbubble?
Only got one t shirt from Redbubble today, it is an old favorite of mine. I love the artwork in this excellent design.
Coke Is Bad by KillerNapkins




CafePress Has A Cool Sale This Summer!
Here are some sale codes for CafePress
And here is another great offer from CafePress
New From Splitreason
Splitreason has a few new designs for sale. 
New Designs And Reprints From Design By Humans

Design By Humans has a great new design that you can purchase now.
Monkey Business by micropie from Netherland

And here is a featured reprint from Design By Humans
Last Goodbye by buko from Macedonia
Another brilliant design from Ian Leino, currently this is on pre-order and will start shipping on August 11th. Be one of the first to get yours as I am sure this golden design! (sorry for the pun!) will go quickly!




New Tees From Test Of Strength
Test Of Strength (A UK apparel brand) has a couple of new tee releases below in their newly designed site. 

Cool New Wonder Woman Design
Here is a talented designer that I am sure you have all heard of! Tim Shumate. I don't know why he has not been featured before at Geek Shirts HQ so I thought I would remedy that with one of his cool new designs.
WONDERBOMB by Tim Shumate
New From Threadless

This cool design is back in print
And is a brand new design from David Soames

I thought I would show one of my favorite designs from David's Threadless portfolio. 
New Tees From 8bit Apparel
Geek Shirts HQ News
Another reminder as  Batman Fortnight draws to a close, the cool feature during this Dark Knight Fortnight:
Geek shirts latest designer under the spotlight in the Designer Unlocked series is Firepower, you can check out his interview here.
8Ball are under the spotlight in the T Shirt Brand Undressed interview.
New T Shirt Brand Alert: Brutallic Apparel. A great label from New York.
Coming Up On Geek Shirts HQ
  • A massive review of Four (4) 2K2BT T Shirts that I was sent.
  • A new Shirt of the Week, it is a "sequel" to a tee that has been on Geek Shirts HQ before.
  • The illustrator, graphic designer and t shirt designer Ninjaink will be under the spotlight in the Designer Unlocked Series.
  • And due to the popularity and success of my recent Batman and Spiderman huge list of tees, there will be more big lists coming your way. The first will be The Big Bang Theory with Over 120 T-Shirts!
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